10 twitter strategies for the small business person that really wants to succeed using social media


1. Twitter profiles are extremely important. On Twitter as in the real world first impressions are critical. Most people decide in seconds whether they will follow you back or not. Make sure your profile is appropriate for your business.

2. Be sure to keep track of you Twitter stream. As you follow more people and gain more followers yourself your stream will be very active. Keep a close eye on this activity so no potential business opportunities are missed.

3. Utilize your Linkedin contacts or your existing business contacts to setup following relationships with people in your industry including manufacturers, vendors, customers, and especially competitors. Look at your competitors tweets to see who they are talking to and try to add those people too.

4. Seek out anyone having conversations that relate to your business and join in. Be sure they are relevant and that you have quality, valuable information to add.

5. Twitter is not a one and done project. You have to make a commitment to it if you expect results. Maintain focus and plan on tweeting every day for at least 30 minutes.

6. Here is an easy but often forgotten twitter tip. Never forget to ask people to follow you. Be sure this invitation is on all of your correspondence, websites, emails and even invoices.

7. Find more people to follow by identifying keywords that are related to your industry and using the Twitter search function to find users that you should be following or those that you want to become your followers. This is a great way to identify industry experts and tapping into their followers.

8. Spend time finding and following your field experts and leaders. Do this to stay up to date on new technologies or practices. It’s an easy way to work on your professional development which many people get too busy to complete as they should.

9. Narrow your focus to the niche you service within your industry. Provide valuable content targeted at this niche so that your followers will engage with you.

10. Gradually follow people with interests that coincide with your business offerings. Always adopt a give first and get later approach with your followers. This is the real secret for succeeding with social media platforms like Twitter.

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