Month: June 2007

Your Name on Toast

A must see! An ingenious idea…advertise yourself on toast. All profits go to the charity that is voted for most. (+ toast is yummy) You can vote for one of five marvelous charities to receive more than $8000. Watch out for Toast popping up in some forward-thinking magazines and papers soon.

Leave Your Mark on the World without Actually Leaving a Mark

Ah, the infamous ecological footprint. Just in case you are unaware of what this is, here’s a definition: A representation of the total area humans require for agriculture, timber production and fishing combined with the area needed to absorb carbon-dioxide released by burning fossil fuels. To better understand this concept we can relate our impact […]

Random Branded Thoughts

I live, breathe, sleep and eat the branding process. I am aways thinking about the process, our industry, conscious and sustainable business practices, and everything in-between. Last night I was flipping through the many lined note books, one of which I always have with to be able to jot down my thoughts. Below are some […]

Experts say…Green Alternatives

What is a green business? Questions and answers session, Author and Environmental Policy Advisor, Terry Tamminen explains. Very simplistic approach to addressing basic questions on any topic. See more experts speak on the topic of Green Alternatives. Pretty interesting. VideoJug: Green Alternatives This is a new web site called VideoJug. Anything you ever wanted to […]

Instant Gratificaiton! Download a New Camera in Seconds

Ever thought you could have a new 35 millimeter digital camera in seconds? One that is good for the environment? Well it is and you can. Online shopping is fast and convenient, not to mention a great way to compare prices. But every time I make an online purchase, I dread the coming days or […]

Definition of Sustainable Design

Thought this was a great reference, pulled this from AIGA’s Center for Sustainable Design: There are many formal definitions of sustainability. Perhaps the most widely recognized definition of sustainability was provided by Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland in her 1987 report, Our Common Future: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without […]

New brand’s 15 minutes = 400,000 pounds?!

Why is the release of the new Olympic Logo is causing such a fuss?! (really wishing I had an interrobang (?!) on my keyboard now) Algebra it is not. Reality it is. Public criticism from the left right and center all seem to agree, the new London Olympic Logo design is a complete failure, but […]

Random Acts of Designess

Austrailian Graphic designer Guy Patterson of Brandblogger was inspired by the altruistic bug that seems to be going around. (thank goodness!) His concept is to donate his talent (pro-bono) to a worthy project. Here’s a statement directly from his blog: Random Acts Of Designess (RADness). I’ll surf the internet, find a good cause that needs […]

Angels with Grungy Faces

Dead celebrities kill accounts. I know, that sounds crazy but it’s true. In the case of Saatchi & Saatchi‘s London office that’s exactly what happened. They were canned for a recent ad they created using an image featuring the likes of ex Nirvana singer, angel Kurt Cobain, sitting on a cloud in the sky wearing […]

Who can outlast Roger More?

Not sure where I picked this up, but I love this British ad! I think it’s a clever use of the product itself, creates sorta a soft and cuddly vibe. Not quite sure personally, what the tie is to “Roger More” but I’ll go with it.