Month: July 2007

Windows 98, Fatal Crash & the skin

Tattoos against the norm, or Bill Gates personally? Stumbled upon this amazing Window 98 inspired tattoo (or is that uninspired?) on this site. The tattoo is the text from the crash screen: “A fatal exception OE has occurred at 8137:BFFA21…..” Yikes! I think I need to get that mac spinning wheel tattooed somewhere now. 🙂 […]

Green Yahoo!- review + more!

I’ve been using Google for such a long time now, much to my surprise when I decided to us Yahoo! this morning, I found a whole new content page. This blog entry is actually not addressing Yahoo’s content offering / redesign (new to me anyway) rather one specific offering in particular. Yahoo! has developed and […]

Stefan Sagmeister on happieness

I really enjoyed this video of a Stefan Sagmeister talk at the 2004 TED conference. Not surprisingly, one of Sagmeister’s source of happiness comes from design, therefore his talk walks us through his experiences of happiness and bliss through design. As Sagmeister says, he looks at design and determines the difference between experiencing happiness and […]

Green firms sprouting up all over!

Each morning, over my first cup of coffee (organic, free-trade, soy cappuccino, not to sound pretentious or anything:) I read the morning’s headlines. Industry news mostly. I am over joyed and gratified to read a headline like this: Brand Communications Firm Launches Green Unit. I see this as a sea of change. The more communications […]

Life On Mars (eventually)

Scientists are using the forested slopes of a Mexican volcano as a test bed to see if trees could grow on Mars, part of an experiment of making the chilly and barren planet habitable for humans. Scientists at NASA and Mexican universities believe if they can warm Mars using heat-trapping gases, raise the air pressure […]

Banks Concerned about Green…

…not money, that is, rather “Green” or ecological friendly initiatives. I just read a blog entry from Drew Neisser, President and CEO of Renegade, a top notch design agency. His blog, Marketing for Good, talks about HSBC’s new green initiative. One of their greening efforts is turning online bill paying into a major green initiative. […]

The Anti-Brand!

Refreshing approach to the Anti-Branding. Similar in concept to The Billboard Liberation Front. 🙂 ? Thank you Issmat for the original post

Condensation Conservation

Ah, yes summertime in L.A. Everybody’s hot, clammy and dying to be at the pool, beach, or sitting in front of an air conditioner. Speaking of air conditioners, I’ve noticed something that I’d like to share. It sparked an Idea, and at first I thought hmmm, I could pitch this to a company and get […]

Rain, Rain Come Back!!

Los Angeles, formerly known as the concrete jungle, has now been renamed the concrete desert. It rained for a couple hours last week, but that’s the last time I can remember that I’ve seen, heard or got to experience the rain. The rain in L.A. is like many other things in L.A, it’s just a […]

Social Judgement Theory

Food for thought: Want to know how to be effectively persuasive? I’ll let you in on a few tips. The premise here is the way we perceptually judge our own attitudes and compare them to attitudes of others. Think of any subject that is controversial, and take note of where you stand on this issue. […]