Month: September 2007

The Placebo, the Panacea?

The powerful pharmaceutical industry, in their general euphoric state of being, seem to be spreading its tentacles deeper the American economy, deeper into the American psyche, deeper into a state of being. These multifaceted, multidimensional tentacles extend the reach of the marketers, researchers, manufactures and lobbyist to the horizon point, which cements a monopolistic position, […]

The Accidental Fascist. Design flaw or faux pas?

Who could believe constructing a building in the shape of swastika was an accident? Architects draft blue-prints. And guess what? The client, just like any project in most service industries, must approve those plans. The probability that an architect designing a building in the shape of swastika BY ACCIDENT is very low. But lets suspend […]

“Playing God” for the Greater Good

In the same way that matter naturally renews itself and is never created or destroyed but instead changes form, the concept of Cradle to Cradle product design and creation was spawned. The intent, albeit Darwinian in nature, is to actually direct the path of a product into a defined renewable resource. Using the models that […]

Millennium girls are in the know

Don’t underestimate the power of these girls. They are deciding which brand succeed and fail. They are in the know. They are 3iying. Go see more of them!

Fat is “fab” but wrinkles are “drab”.

As we know, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty inspired women for the last 4 years to celebrate the natural physical variation embodied by all women and inspire them to have the confidence to be comfortable with themselves.The idea worked and Dove’s sales doubled in the proceeding years. However, it seems when the Dove brand […]

Printing Green – Resources & Tips

I thought I’d share with you all some of the research and info in regards to printing green. We’ve done a tremendous amount of research as a firm in order to educate our clients and make the best suggestions based on their needs and the best environmental choice. In a recent issue of Dynamic Graphics, […]

Ethanol, the Cornucopea?

As oil depletion bangs at our doors, as we desperately hunt for new sources of energy in other continents, natural gas seems to be the next revolution because of its enormous reserves and liquefaction possibility. So why are ethanol plants retrograding to the 19th century industrial model of development? Why, Got Coal Plants, appears to […]

Phallic Logo, for real?

Sometimes I see things and know right off the bat it’s a joke, a gag or simply bad taste. I recently came across this logo and thought, “is this for real?” Seems like quite a bit of work for a hoax, but it’s so obviously phallic I don’t know how the client or designer didn’t […]

The birth of a new PORNOGRAPHER

As much as I admire and adhere to Mapplethorpe’s provocative artistic nudes, I deny the laurels of recognition to latrins-like John Ford. In his last work, an advertisement boosting a men’s fragrance, his sensitive and talented eye embodied the excellence in indecency and vulgarity, and won “honoris emeritus” the award of the best “pornographer” of […]

Speech bubble trend continued..

The latest speech bubble logo to fully assault an already saturated market is none other than the Czech Republic itself. The country has a new identity mimicking this ongoing trend. From an objective viewpoint, it’s actually a fabulous identity for this country who has been reinventing itself for many years. We were sensitive enough not […]