Month: October 2007

The 21st century “new” green revolution!

As a new version of “The Society of Spectacle” by Guy Debord, the green revolution farce wind blows on an avant-garde era, on a model of consumerism in the world global consumption. Paradoxically it only includes the oligarchic and elitist 20% of the population who disposes of the highest gross national product and consequently develops […]

New Dove sequel – mixed reviews

Ogilvy & Mather’s Unilever / Dove’ new campaign is bringing in mixed reviews. Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does According to Adage, the campaign is a triumph. Apart from its raw impact, the video from Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto, also produces the exquisitely rare dovetailing (as it were) of social responsibility and […]

The Brand’s New Clothes

Tom Fishburne’s latest brand cartoon is a commentary of current trends, cashing in on the “green” trend, I’ve written about in numerous postings here. According to Fisburne’s October 14 blog entry: “In this rush to reposition everyday brands as environmentally-friendly, there seems to be collective amnesia of the inconsistencies in the story. And by being […]

Believe in reincarnation!

Believe in reincarnation. Recycle. From Saatchi & Saatchi Poland, Warsaw. Greenpeace’s new campaign Believe in reincarnation. Greenpeace is an elegant execution of what’s perceived to be trash materials, collaged together to create two exquisite posters reminiscent of religious effigies. This campaign obviously targets the younger generation that recognizes the iconography as a part of their […]

double rainbows

In Rainbows Radiohead’s “pay what you want” music download experiment is now a couple of weeks old, the early reports are predicting a huge success. Some estimates predict Radiohead may have already made over $10 million in sales, in a single day. According to the music industry blog, Gigwise, there have been over 1.2 million […]

Congratulations, Mr. (almost) President!

Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize this morning, and the all the critics are aghast. I heard the announcement on CNN, on a fluke. The talking heads were questioning how Al Gore’s message about Global Warming related at all to peace. ARE THEY CRAZY? Climate changes will bring mass displacement of communities in the […]

The Alternative Car & Transportation Expo in So Cal!

Next weekend (Friday & Saturday), October 19 & 20, Santa Monica will host the FREE Alternative Car and Transportation Expo. Here are some of the highlights of the event: Over 150 exhibitors Seminars and panel discussions Ed Begley Jr. among others Vehicles for sale on site 2 tents hosting the talks ++++Free parking for all […]

Sorry with Personality

Just came across these amazing “error” messages. What I love about them is the clear brand personality and voice. Interestingly enough, they are all Web 2.0 brands. I’d have to say, Twitter’s messages are by far, my favorite. Hmmmm…. Enjoy! Google Digg flkr Myspace Pownce technorati twitter youtube (original source)

the wrong agency? 4 signs to look for

Susan Applegate, president of the Applegate Media Group and a contributer at iMedia Connection posted an article on October 1, 2007 called: 4 signs you’re choosing the wrong agency Don’t waste another minute in a mismatched client-agency relationship. Applegate Media Group’s CEO explains the most common traps to avoid. Whether a search firm or corporate […]

cashing in on a cause, for real?

Think Before You Pink You bet. Cashing in on a trend? Did someone say TREND? October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and one group urges people to Think Before You Pink… In some cases, marketing has gone awry, a call for transparency, accountability and less hype. Below are the critical questions to ask to determine […]