Month: January 2008

The softer side of football

Oh, the Super Bowl. On this blessed Sunday, besides the game, we will be watching the best advertising can serve up. According to, some marketers will be paying as much as $3 million for their 30-second commercials during the Super Bowl. These commercials, notorious for at times being quite sleazy, are supposed to take […]

Out with cashmere! Cotton tees are this Spring’s new luxury item.

A luxury cotton t-shirt? That’s right; you heard it here first. This Spring, designer John Smedley will release the fruits of a two-year-long effort to create the perfect tee. Only the longest fibers of cotton are used to make the thread for these shirts, making an unusually smooth weave, and linked knit stitches replace the […]

Polyethylene, the “white” pollution.

January the 22nd Whole Foods innovated (?) by launching their crusade against plastic bags. No more plastic bags for its privileged customers, it’s time to adapt to save the planet! In order to raise awareness, everybody will participate in their eco-friendly effort to eliminate plastic bags and develop the recycling industry. New phenomenon? To the […]

Web strategy away!

Jeremiah Owyang, a web strategist based in the Bay Area, has compiled a comprehensive checklist of online marketing strategies on his blog. For any company looking to develop an online marketing strategy, his post can prove to be an indispensable resource. He not only lists and describes many different marketing strategies, but he also divides […]

A whole new world of food shopping

On this writer’s way to work on Thursday mornings, I have the pleasure of passing by Pasadena’s new Whole Foods Market. Along Arroyo Parkway, the Whole Foods Market in Pasadena is a glorious two-story supermarket, complete with it’s own underground parking. There are very few supermarkets that can make you feel good about food shopping, […]

Bringing out the best in all of us

At London’s World Entrepreneurial Summit, MSN announced their plans to launch a portal with WhatOnEarthIsGoingOn devoted to cause marketing. The portal will bring together marketers and consumers in an online community, in the hope of building a mutually beneficial relationship where marketers can provide up-to-date information and consumers can voice their desires. It sounds promising […]

15 minutes of fame or more…

A post-modern sketch reveals a skewed glimpse into the 12-17 years-old teenage segment of US culture. Not surprisingly, 93% of this fringe of the population explore and socialize online. What? No more malls, beaches, Cafes (in Paris); Those places from now on are old-fashioned and no longer considered hip for rendez-vous! Now, the virtual world […]

please share!

Flickr, an online photo sharing website, hosts tons of photos that can be uploaded by anyone with an account. Once on the site, the public is free to browse and leave comments on the photos. Members might be users sharing photos with family or artists showcasing their work. And now, the Library of Congress has […]

Renewable fuel: ethanol from waste?

The world’s largest automaker, GM, has partnered with a renewable energy company called Coskata. The CEO of GM, Rick Wagoner, believes “…making ethanol more widely available is absolutely the most effective and environmentally sound solution” for our gasoline problem. So what exactly does Coskata do? Founded in July 2006, Coskata is working on producing ethanol, […]

Message in the bottle…

“I send an SOS to the world, I hope that someone gets my message in the bottle…” This sentence could be Dimassimo and Eric Yaverbaum’s refrain for the launching of their campaign to encourage the consumption of tap water. Their strategy, to collect bottles of water to inform and empower the common people about the […]