Month: April 2008

hey kid, gimme your rice-a-roni

I grit my teeth every time I watch the fuel gage suck increasingly more money each time I fill my tank up at the gas station. I feel annoyed, irritated, but I have the security of knowing I can leave with a full tank if I choose. I may be annoyed at the few extra […]

go green (while it’s still in style)

National Geographic’s new Green Guide magazine offers tidy, bite-sized tips on how to greenify your life, but is quick and easy really a good thing? As I perused the article headlines and section topics, I couldn’t help but marvel at how neat and organized they made the topic seem, sectioned into cute titles appealing to […]

It’s all in the name.

How clever is your domain? Rather it’s all in the extension. The current popular trend among domain names Playing with domain extensions What started just – and only sporadically – before the millennium, i.e. using the meaning or the meaningful elements of top level domain name extensions, has now turned into one of the Web […]

Think with Your Feet, Not Your Hands

Every so often in life we bump into things that make us feel stupid for not thinking of them first. A perfect example, besides Pet Rock and bottled tap water of course, is Foot Pedal Faucet controllers, as opposed to hand controllers. By controlling water stream by the foot-operated pedals, bacteria and germs routinely spread […]

has jamba juice gone bananas?

The secret is out—thanks to a mysterious partnership between Dole Food Corporation (big time fruit dealers) and Jamba Juice (smoothie dealers) we know where smoothies come from. You know those stickers on bananas with either “Chiquita” or “Dole” logos? Now some bananas are sporting Jamba Juice logos. What does this mean? This means Dole supplies […]

mirror, mirror upon the wall…

Who is the youngest fair of all? The mirror this time may answer: “O Lady Queen, YOU ARE the youngest far to see!” Which woman and now man did not dream of those plagiarized lines from Grimm’s Little Snow White fairy tale? From fairy tale, GlaxoSmithKline, a British drug company, made it reality as it […]

global food crisis

Amidst the firestorm of bad press over the global food crisis, the US government is having another DOH! moment, that is, another negative side effect of government policy has slapped us in the face. This side-effect, like others in recent years, was OBVIOUS and should have been expected if anyone took a few moments to […]

my t-shirts for an audience!

In a desperate military strategic position, king Richard III in Shakespeare’s play yelled out “my kingdom for a horse!”. In order to increase its audience share, to promote their brand, CNN, with its 27 million monthly visitors on its homepage, is launching a new campaign with the following core message “my t-shirts for an audience!” […]

The path of origin.

In yesterday’s news, President Bush made a special appearance on the hit game show, “Deal or No Deal.” Rolling a pre-taped message to wish good luck to a US Iraq veteran, Bush pushes a joke to Howie Mandell, the show’s host, ” Howie, I don’t know if you’re free to come to Washington anytime soon […]

A Long Way to Go(Green)

If you’ve been online today, or tried to drive down Wilshire, you’ve been reminded of the fact that today is Earth Day. Google’s cute, nature-themed tribute to Earth Day can be seen on their homepage, and links to the many activities hosted today. LA shut down Wilshire from Western to Harvard for the Wilshire Center/Car […]