Month: April 2008

Fat Spider, Fat Bat, Fat Americans – International Joke

Americans are among the fattest in the world. That’s pretty scary, sad and now an international ad campaign uses this message to sell health club memberships. Conceptually, brilliant! Nationally, an embarrassment. These ads are from the agency Euro RSCG, New Delhli, India Art Director / Copywriter: Gurdev Singh Sidhu Illustrator: Gurdev Baljeet

“…To arms citizens…”

From the French revolution in 1789 against Louis XVI’s monarchy to the Russian revolution in 1917 against Nicholas II’s tsar regime, hunger was the fertilizing ground for revolutions to break out! The contempt of each ruler at the time, as an answer to the common people’s misery was their mistake and the trigger that accelerated […]

R.I.P. Edward Norton Lorenz

jungle[8] always laments the loss of great thinkers. Edward Norton Lorenz died today at the age of 90. A well-known mathematician and meteorologist, Lorenz was widely known as the “father of the chaos theory.” He challenged the notion that nature can be tamed with mathematical order and predictability, and reminded the world that science is […]

The Vegan Trick

Behind the secured window of “I sell vegan products” TheSensualVegan is an insidious portal to promote and advertise a porn site. Designed and colored very girly (pinkish) and environmental conscious (green), this website “owned by a woman” who kept her anonymity to save her credibility, pretends to respond to women’s expectations. If her core audience […]

Save the Parks

As part of the Governator’s sweeping budget cuts, several state park facilities across California will be closed. Among these, Topanga State Park and Will Rogers State Historic Park—all due to be shut down because they aren’t making a profit for the state. It’s understandable our governor has an important task at hand—trying to balance the […]

Laser Monks

Everyday at my desk, plugged into my computer, managing projects and the day to day of jungle [8] I try to be good, green and responsible. This isn’t always easy to do when most office products kill dolphins, and plug up landfills. Trash bags need to be cut up when they go out, if not […]

The Chinese Woodpecker

On the west side of the hemisphere “woodpecking” or deforestation spread like the plague amputating drastically “the lungs of the planet”, the Amazon. In the eastern Siberia, in the Zabakailsky region, the same ecologic scourge is devastating and is threatening the famous Taiga, the coniferous forest, to disappear. Hectares of pines, larches, aspens and birches […]

Would you like a side of fries with your gaming experience?

McDonald’s, the leader of dollar menus and drive-thru’s, recently went down a surprising, divergent new path in the jungle of marketing strategy, considerably inconsistent with their traditional brand positioning. The move seems like an overt effort to reach the last family member they haven’t targeted (they got mom with their healthy-option salads, and dad with […]

The Power of the Pen

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Internet blogging has a larger role these days than simply venting rants and raves. Bloggers are now “opinion-shapers” and dictators of consumer trends. The article tells a story of a small business’s success story, and how that success was catalyzed by publicity within the blogosphere exclusively. A […]

The Man With the Master Plan

In a recent CNBC interview, former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan denied his monetary policies preceding the debt crisis had anything to do with the debt/mortgage crisis, and he has “no regrets on any of the federal reserve policies back then.” You won’t usually find dull economic commentary at jungle[8], but this flabbergasting statement came […]