Month: April 2008

Brand me not!

The knives have been brandished since March 19 between Shel Israel ( PR and strategy consultant) and Loren Feldman (video blogger? analyst?). The latter is attacking the former for his lack of professionalism as an expert in communication, as he decided to embrace another career, video interviews of startups CEOs, analysts for FastCompanyTV. With the […]

OMG! you want deodorant for your birthday?

Unilever, the company behind positive-image campaigns like the Dove Real Beauty campaign, recently launched Degree Girl, a new deodorant line marketed specifically to teen girls. The ad campaign, descriptively labeled “OMG!”, touts the deodorant’s ability to help every girl keep their calm in embarrassing or awkward situations. The Degree Girl website features bright pink and […]


Schwarzenegger saw red when the president and the co-president of the green “Parks and Recreation Commission” of California respectively Bobby Shriver (his wife’s nephew) and Clint Eastwood (we don’t introduce him anymore) opposed their vetos to the “gargantuesque” project of construction of a six lanes highway crossing the San Onofre Beach Park. In reaction to […]

Remembering MLK

40 years ago the world suffered the loss of a brilliant life, a life full of vision, dedicated to peace, filled with eternal hope. A life credited with numerous accomplishments and honors including raising public consciousness and inspiring the civil rights movement throughout the United States. Left behind: a powerful legacy, permanently woven into the […]

Not Much to Love About Coal

Let’s take a moment to talk about coal—it’s the first non-renewable combustible fuel man ever gathered and used. Coal mining predates Christ by thousands of years, but its importance can be seen everywhere because the modern world would simply not exist without coal. Try and picture American history and western expansion without coal, or rather, […]