Month: May 2008

Code Blue or Code Bro?

More and more companies are targeting social networking scenes as the new media with which to launch their new ad campaigns, and Coors Brewing Company is one of the most recent to jump on the boat. The Code Blue! Campaign highlights the labeling’s new feature, a picture of white mountains that turn blue when the […]

bottle cap censorship

You may have picked up today’s Los Angeles Times and read an article entitled—“‘Legal Weed’ is just beer, but Feds want to cap sales” by Eric Baily. It tells an alarming story of government oppression, censorship, and wasting of tax dollars. Mt Shasta Brewing Company, located in Weed, CA, seals one particular brew with bottle […]

Social stalking or social networking

Sci-fi writers, visionaries and renowned thinkers often warned of a possible future in which mankind unknowingly surrenders privacy and autonomy to technology. Arguably, that dreaded vision has already come to fruition. UK-based Sniff (social network integrated friend finder) is an innovative mobile phone friend-finding service. According to the company site, it works like this: “1. […]

Companies with cause

Jungle[8] is of the opinion all businesses in the years to come will revolve around sustainability and social causes, as well as profit. Evidence of this burgeoning trend can be seen everywhere—environmental stewardship and greenness, or at least pretending to embrace such values is almost mandatory these days. But what about important social causes? Israel-based […]

the big apple, at a mouth reach…

The heart of New York beats at a faster pace since New York State recently called Saatchi & Saatchi for help to revitalize its regional touristic image. With its eternal, fashionable “I love NY” core message, the main objective is to attract local visitors to invest in vacationing or few days getaway formulas. Predicting a […]

Chrysler says: Let’s Deceive America!

To boost sagging sales, American Car manufacturer Chrysler has launched the “Let’s Refuel America” campaign, in which buyers are guaranteed $2.99 per gallon gasoline for 3 years for Chrysler or Dodge vehicles purchased between May 7th and July 7th, 2008. Of course, there are some stipulations—there’s a 12,000 mile annual mileage limit, the plan only […]

m&m and me…

It’s a long time love story…however, in their research for the stupidest idea possible Mars Snackfood USA innovated for its customized candy business branch by granting YOU, ME, EVERYBODY to be entitled to boost our narcissism by having our FACES printed on M&M’s. Branded as “fun”, the little faces opted for a new strategy since […]

chocolate blessing…

Chocolate lovers will rejoice in the news that Hershey, the infamous sweet branded chocolate launches a new strategy to promote its new Bliss chocolate line. The vast operation, 10,200 “House of bliss” spread nationwide hosted 129,000 curious palates that had the misfortune to sample its Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Meltaway… Selected impartially, […]

it’s an…advertising!!!!

Among a long queue waiting eagerly to register their new born in the hall of records by the “birth” window, daddy Microsoft strangled with emotions proudly announced, after years of gestation, the birth of “Advertising”. Last child of a large household, she shows already a promising sign, her “new brand identity” quality that she inherited […]

Gonna turn off the lights, pedophile?

…then we’re gonna to see you! Pedophilia is a not so pleasant topic, (to say the least) so when an ad agency is challenged with shining a spotlight on the subject they have quite a challenge to be effective and engaging. Agency EuroRSCG of São Paulo, Brazil did an amazing (and disturbing job) bringing the […]