Month: August 2008

a mall as a roof

It could have been a Hollywood remake of 2000’s “Where the Heart Is” but Destiny chose a different fate for Michael Townsend and Adriana Yoto’s. Ahhh … the irresistable lure of the media spotlight. As leading roles in this unusual social tale, this couple reached fame when local media discovered that our unwilling (?) revolutionists […]

climatic disasters

With America on the red alert (or should I say green?) for ways to increase energy efficiency and lower carbon footprints, let’s take a moment to sit back and remember from whence we’ve come. It was only recently that the good ol’ land of the free finally jumped on the global bandwagon to take climate […]

leave it to americans to make eating competitive

The Food Network recently announced their new series “Eat the Clock”, a reality show similar to “The Amazing Race”, where teams of contestants race from restaurant to restaurant, gathering clues and consuming meals at local LA hotspots. While the Food Network says their show doesn’t emphasize frantic face-stuffing, like Spike TV and ESPN’s competitive eating […]

A Greener Concert.

– A long list of concerts spanning the globe. Check. – Countless plane tickets. Check. – multiple Semi trucks filled with equipment. Check. – Large Lighting and Sound arrays that consume thousands of Amps of power. Check. – thousands of rabid fans each with their own vehicles driving up to several hours to the venue. […]

McCain blows a lot of hot air on wind energy

Presidential hopefuls are notorious for making promises they can’t keep. So what makes Republican candidate John McCain any different from other elected officials who have jumped on the environmentally-correct bandwagon? Let’s just say that if you’re going to be disingenuous about supporting tax breaks for solar and wind power, at least be smart enough to […]

Green roof makeover

For those of you looking to remodel your homes with sustainability in mind, these roof designs by up-and-coming architect William McDonough (of Cradle-to-Cradle fame) might just might be the next big thing. Already lauded for their multiple environmental-friendly uses (providing insulation, habitat, and storm-water management), McDonough is determined to take his green roof designs to […]

Web 2.0 is NOT a design aesthetic

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: futureofwebdesign fowd) This is a brilliant slide show of what Web 2.0 is and what Web 2.0 is not. Let’s get it straight, it’s NOT a design aesthetic.

green bus stops

Leave it to the Sunshine state to use solar power to fuel a collaboration between outdoor ad company Fuel Outdoor, and Miami’s Metro line. Under a new agreement, Fuel is harnessing the state’s most prolific but chronically under-used resource to give the city 600 new bus stops for free. Metro users will get shelter them […]

needy hands are better than landfills

The Sunday afternoon shadows are falling across your front yard, and you’re staring at the mounds of stuff your garage sale’s best efforts didn’t eliminate. Next step:? a quick trip to Goodwill, then the dumpster, right? It’s Monday morning at the office, and you’re standing in front of a large pile of old monitors and […]

Selling Climate Change

Corporate America and the nonprofit community are merging Together for the greater good – and what cause could be more worthy than combating climate change? Together is the most progressive effort yet by businesses to directly link their environmental campaigns to the products and services they put out. The site pairs ideas on how to […]