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Video Game Pollution


Greenpeace on Video Games? PS3’s, Microsoft X-Box 360’s, and Nintendo Wii’s , although abused by some, are the source of harmless entertainment for millions of people worldwide. Greenpeace, however, argues otherwise. On their website, Greenpeace posted and article that exposes…

On Copyrights


There he is – the young art student – in the corner, sporting a slouch, worn blue jeans and a faded ironic t-shirt, standing in front of the canvases he submitted for this month’s class show; large, blue, sci-fi landscapes,…

Alarmist buzz for the bees


As a societal phenomenon, the western/wealthy countries advocate their environmental consciousness and take pride from spending ecologically. In spite of their efforts to reduce their footprint, to recycle in order to sustain the biomass, they feel powerless in contemplating the…