Month: May 2012

Top 3 Tips on How to Use WOM Marketing for my Personal Brand

What is common to Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Martin Sorrell and Jack Sorrell apart from their exceptional entrepreneurial capabilities? They all had an excellent Word-of-mouth (WOM) personal branding mechanism in place. Here are top three tips on how to use WOM Marketing for my personal brand. Involve Your Customers Social media is the best way […]

Social Media and my Personal Brand

Brand Me Personal Social media has become a main platform in branding, sales and marketing of personal brands. Potential customers have been successful in their businesses when they can easily access information about goods and services over the internet. By using social media, a client’s personal brand awareness is made known while improving customer service. […]

6 Factors to Measure a Successful Logo Design

Your Logo- Does it Really Work? Every organization, every message requires a logo design. When it’s successful, a good logo effectively conveys your brand in a single glance. But how do you make sure that this happens? Here are 6 questions you can ask yourself: 1) Is it memorable? Since logos are used to identify […]

Let’s Make Today Great- Really?

Cornflakes updates it’s image – Sporty! Revealed on Facebook, no less.. Kellogs has updated its brand including logo, tagline and marketing strategy.  The scope of the visual and verbal identity refresh includes “an updated logo, identifying the Kellogg’s brand’s core purpose, incorporating the ‘masterbrand’ into all Kellogg’s marketing campaigns, consolidating 42 company websites around the […]

Exploiting Animal Cruelty – Put Me in a Cage & Call Me Concerned

Manufacturing a “Look at Me, I’m so Concerned!” Response There’s no argument animal cruelty is not good. Please know this is being written from an animal lover and someone who has volunteered countless hours working with them. But this post is not about it me. It’s about the smiling folks at Lush Cosmetics in London. See them smiling here: Oh, did […]

Experience Brand Engagement

What makes you rush to the Peet’s Coffee & Tea 5 miles past the nearest Starbucks every morning? Why is it that you can’t resist visiting the nearest Target store? Why do you always prefer United Airlines to one of its competitors? It has got nothing to do with a compulsive disorder, if you are […]

Top 5 Steps to Define Your Brand’s Message

Defining Your Brand- What’s More Important? Although there are numerous steps a business can take to define their brand’s message, taking these 5 steps to define your brand’s message will make the process efficient and effective. Many businesses neglect clearly defining the message they wish their brand to convey. This is a vital aspect of […]

Objectifying Global Warming for Fashion. Good for the cause?

I don’t think so. From a creative aspect, the new Diesel campaign entitled “Global Warming Ready” has created some heat spanning the fashion, advertising and activist worlds, and not all in sync. The campaign consists of a series of newspaper, magazine and billboard advertisements showing models posing in Diesel clothing in a world affected by […]

A Guide to Multichannel Marketing

Marketing Across the Board Most marketing analysts, bloggers and other media commentators agree that marketing spend is shifting away from offline initiatives towards online strategies – whether that’s pay per click advertising or social media sites. The key to a successful marketing campaign is to get the balance right between online and offline strategies – take a multichannel approach – […]

The Importance of Measuring Your Brand’s Value

Branding has become one of the most valuable elements for success in individuals, small business owners and large companies alike. The question and the delima most businesses face is measuring their brand value. Measuring your brand’s value, which is sometimes called brand equity, is a term used in marketing circles to identify the extent to […]