Month: September 2012

How To Know When Your Brand Message Is No Longer Working

What were you thinking? It is a fact that some entrepreneurs nowadays tend to go overboard with their brand messages. This will have a negative impact on them in the long run if they cannot live up to the expectations of their customers. How to know when your brand message is no longer working? A […]

5 Forward Thinking Social Media Trends to Adapt for Your Small Business

Social media is the darling of internet marketing, and there are good enough reasons why. Small businesses are in the same playground as their bigger competitors when it comes to social media, no wonder the internet is called the greatest leveler. I will list 5 forward thinking social media trends to adapt for your small […]

How To Create A Logo That Defines Your Brand???

Strengthen the Image of the Brand A logo is basically represents what the company or the business stands for. Logo gives the first impression on the customers of the business. It gives an identity to the brand. A logo can express many attitudes graphically. A logo should be effective. Some steps should be followed while […]

5 Inspirational Ways to Use Promotional Products [INFO GRAPHIC]

Interesting info graphic,¬†featuring top tips about how to get a brand noticed, as well as compelling figures to prove the effectiveness of using promotional merchandise as part of marketing campaigns, the infographic is designed to inspire creative thought around marketing and branding activities. Take from it what you will. 5 Inspirational Ways to Use Promotional […]

Top Marketing Secrets of Hotels & Casinos

The Top Marketing Secrets Hotels & Casinos Use to Increase Business Due to the changing and competitive world all sectors are working tirelessly to find ways of sustaining their businesses. Hospitality industries are also striving hard to maintain, acquire and increase their business. Losing only one customer can be disappointment or a blow to hospitality […]

8 Top Brands Who Utilize Successful Social Media Strategies

Social Media Social Media has always been attractive for top brands. Many marketing campaigns use them to make known their brands all over the world to get standard their destination and high profit. Here are some of the most popular social media strategies: social media campaigns, loyalty campaigns, social games, blog, advocacy program, social apps […]

5 Out Of The Box Marketing Tips For The Small Business Owner

1. Don’t Advertise Big Time – Advertising is actually usually done by big businesses because it helps their business to get known and to have higher opportunities of getting customers. However, advertising is not that good for small businesses because it might drain more money from the company and it is risky because the money […]

A Global Entrepreneur

Global Business This century has seen a small business trader thirsty to find out how to break out of the small business thinking into being a global entrepreneur. This observation has promoted governments to review their international treaties and agreements so as to pave way for the same. As this has been witnessed among a […]

Top 6 Personal Branding Tips for the Serial Entrepreneur

Personal Branding Branding is one of the most important tactics for entrepreneurs who wish to gain a large market share. The better the brand the greater the number of customers it will attract. Entrepreneurs must therefore be very vigilant on their brands to enable them stay on top of the race. Below are some of […]