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4 Easy and Effective Steps to Use Facebook for Small Business Success

Business success is hugely influenced by several major business aspects such as communication and marketing. This is particularly true for small market players such as home-based businesses and small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). Unlike the large companies that have all the luxury to spend on expensive marketing strategies like TV and radio ads, SMBs are limited by the insufficient capital they have. That is why they are all the more challenged to think of creative and affordable ways to introduce their business, promote their brand and market their products or services.

With the advent of the Internet, a lot of opportunities have become possible which the SMBs must take advantage of. One of these is the social media. In particular, small market players can optimize social networking sites such as Facebook to massively and effectively market their products. However, they should follow concrete and systematic steps to become effective in using Facebook. Below are the four easy steps which they can follow in using Facebook to attain business success.

Step 1: Create Your Own Page

Building or creating your own Page is where it all starts. However, you don’t just create a Page. It should follow some tips and considerations for it to become effective in attracting your prospective customers. You can start with the content. It should be very simple and concise yet very informative. It should contain all the needed details so that the customers can have a full grasp of what your business and your products or services is all about. The next one is the cover photo which can serve as your free ad banner. So, you better make it sure that it has graphics or images that are very catchy and visually appealing. To achieve this, you can use creative ideas such as thought-provoking meme, a humorous dialogue between two characters, and many more.

Step 2: Connect with the Target Customers

This is very helpful for small businesses particularly the local ones. Small business owners can start adding their contacts from their personal accounts. This is where an eye-catchy cover photo comes into play. When people liked your Page, the cover photo will also appear on the timeline of their friends. This is great as you widen your reach as more people like the Page. Thus, it is very important that your cover photo will develop a huge interest from them to the point that they will like and share it. It works like the “word of mouth”, but this time, in the context of social media.

Step 3: Engage Your Prospects

Your prospective customers, who are your Page’s fans, must be engaged to attract or convince them to purchase, if not patronize, your brand. This is done by posting quality and interesting content. It may be a short but very informative article or a graphic that has some text in it. However, to ensure that they will read or click the content, post something that they don’t know yet. If it is something they already know, package it in a different manner. In this way, you can still grab their attention and drive more people to view and like your Page. You can also learn from the business phone numbers which are also used to entertain customer inquiries, comments and suggestions. Your Facebook page is an effective avenue to gather their thoughts. In this way, you become more effective and systematic in engaging them.

Step 4: Influence Your Fans’ Friends

As mentioned above, you need to ensure an interesting cover photo and posts. When your fans post it with their personal thoughts, it would have a different impact on their friends who see the post. In this way, your fans help you in influencing others who are also your targets.

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