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5 Questions Your Logo Designer Should Have Asked You

When you first try to work with a logo designer, they need to evaluate your needs. They do this by interviewing you or asking you to fill up a questionnaire. But how can you tell if your logo designer has been thorough? They need to ask these 5 crucial questions:

1) What does the logo need to convey about you or your company?

The logo is more than a set of pretty shapes, lines, and colors – it’s about conveying a message. The logo designer should be aware of the impression you want to make in your potential customers’ minds.

2) Who is your intended customer or viewer? Please be as specific as possible.

Apart from knowing your intended message, logo designers need to know who your target customers are. These are the people who need to understand and be influenced by your logo’s message.

3) Who are your main competitors?

Give your logo designer a list of your top competitors. This can give your designer a better idea of the logos used by other organizations in the same industry. They can see which shapes, icons, or objects are usually associated with your business. This can be especially helpful if your designer is unfamiliar with your industry.

4) What makes you different from your competitors?

Your logo designer should also know what makes your message, product, or service different from that of your competitors’. Hopefully, your answer can help the designer express and emphasize your uniqueness via your logo.

5) What look and feel would you like for your logo? Please give examples of logos that meet this criteria.

Personal taste also comes into play when designing a logo. Even if there is a concrete message you want to convey and specific people you want to influence, the decision maker’s aesthetics still play a part when the final logo is selected. Give your designer a list of logos that you like so that they can assess your personal taste and come up with something that you’ll find beautiful or pleasing to look at.

If your designer missed any of the above questions, they might not have all the information needed to come up with the best logo for you. Because of this, feel free to volunteer your own answers to the above questions so that they can design the most suitable logo for your needs.

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