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5 Forward Thinking Social Media Trends to Adapt for Your Small Business

Social media is the darling of internet marketing, and there are good enough reasons why. Small businesses are in the same playground as their bigger competitors when it comes to social media, no wonder the internet is called the greatest leveler.

I will list 5 forward thinking social media trends to adapt for your small business you should be aware of.

1. Business integration

Social profiles and experiences are no longer stand alone ventures but integrated marketing strategies crafted to enhance a company’s brand and value; the communication with the customer should happen and be integrated at all points.

2. Crowdsourcing

From product development, branding preferences and idea development the educated crowd shows it can be the best option for many scenarios.
The most complex problems can be tackled because it is an open invitation the most skilled participants tend to join.

3. Gamification of experiences.

By making web technology more engaging using game design techniques referrals of brands are more apt to happen and of course, social media is all about mouth to mouth recommendations.

4. Social Television

Television used to be a one way communication channel, now, mixing it with the internet it has the potential for social interaction.
Social television is not tied to a specific platform such as a traditional tv, it can be watched on smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc.

5. Visual bookmarking

The perfect example is Pinterest, where users can pin or bookmark a picture and create a board where a collection of related items can be found. For brands with quality visual content mean their products can be shared in a viral way.

Social media can be paid, earned or owned; it is the duty of small businesses to earn most of it. It is in this space innovations are going at a faster pace, no doubt all these trends can be useful for your small business if used properly.

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