Social Media


Social Media has always been attractive for top brands. Many marketing campaigns use them to make known their brands all over the world to get standard their destination and high profit. Here are some of the most popular social media strategies: social media campaigns, loyalty campaigns, social games, blog, advocacy program, social apps to connect, crowd sourced content, forum, face book, twitter.

1.Whole Foods Market uses twitter asks for their clients to read and watch, recommends new food podcasts and invites them to the company events.

2. Southwest Airlines utilize face book for entertaining discussions with their customers.

3. Ford posted the company internal news on twitter, the campaign uses forum, social sites and social games for its ford racing promotion.

4. JetBlue Airways uses twitter, facebook and any sites for advertisement and promotion offers. The brand is established on separation XM Radio, fleece, five successive J.D. Power award and the most legroom of any airline. That strategy is very successful. Capacity reduction creates more opportunity for the campaign.

5. Coca Cola uses google for strategic markets, strategic areas for sailing, attractive logo design for advertisement. The object is to provide efficient marketing site, to realize the activity of the brand-building

6. Nokia has signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft whereby it is allowed to use Windows Phone on sale.

7. Starbucks has a special marketing strategy: it prefers to give parties for clients or to organize meetings face to face. Marketing company is the principle that guides after the customer relationship is reflected in the brand’s relationship with the man behind the serving bar.

8. In the world of Content Marketing, Home Depot is famous. It uses You Tube to create videos for their customers’ interest.They have several benefits: product placement, authority, brand loyalty, personality.

Social media strategies are the key of advertisement and clients attraction.

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