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80+ Green Sites & Resources… thanks to the good folks at Mashable!

Wow! this is the motherload when it comes to green resources. Here’s some of the highlights from their posting called GREEN LIVING TOOLBOX. The good folks at Mashable has consilidated the web into this handy guide of resources, catagorized for your every needs. The links have been organized by the following categories:

Carbon Footprint Calculators, Other Calculators & Carbon Offsets
Search Engines, Directories & Guides
Networking & Dating
Environmental Projects
Charitable Donations
Other Resources

I actually knew a lot of these sites but did spend the time going through all of the links and for the most part, was really impressed by Mashable’s collection. Here’s a few of the gems I discovered and have bookmarked for later use (in no particular order):

green printing
GreenPrint – A patent-pending app that figures out what to print and removes unwanted pages, saving trees (and money).

Make Me Sustainable – A manager for reducing your carbon footprint incorporated into a social community of other like-minded individuals.

Actics – An ethical community that helps you to live your values.

Step It Up – A movement being organized online that will be a call for action to political leaders to address key priorities to stop global warming.

sprig – A super-hip and fashionable resource for your green lifestyle, including food, fashion, beauty and home.

18Seconds – See how many compact fluorescent lightbulbs have been installed in your area, and the equivalent amount of money saved, cars off the road, pounds of coal saved, and pounds of CO2 prevented.

Hotel Chatter Green Hotels Map – A Google maps mashup that shows the best green hotels in the U.S. on a map.

LA Green Living – Connecting the different segments of green living in Los Angeles into one larger community.

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3 thoughts on “80+ Green Sites & Resources… thanks to the good folks at Mashable!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Zerofootprint ( is a great site that helps individuals, businesses and educational institutes find ways to measure and manage carbon footprints. Their online carbon footprint calculator allows users to measure their footprints by answering some lifestyle questions along with committing to goals that help reduce their impact. It’s a great tool!

  2. Cliff Allen says:

    One of the few green / sustainable Web sites for business and industry is California Green Solutions (

  3. lainie says:

    Thank you for adding these great resources!

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