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9 Places To Advertise Your New Product

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Are you launching a new product?  If so, then you need to advertise now to reach your sales goals and move the product off the shelves when it arrives in stores.  Fortunately, there are numerous places in which you can advertise about your product.  Pick a few of these 9 options.

1 – Magazines

Advertising about the new product in magazines can be particularly effective.  Many people enjoy flipping through magazines.  Also, people tend to hold on top their magazines for many months.  This increases the number of times your ad will be viewed.  When you create an ad for a magazine, make sure it is visually pleasing.  Too many words on these ads are ineffective and dull.  In addition, make sure to choose a magazine that is read by a lot of people.  It may be less expensive to advertise in a newer magazine.  However, if few people read this magazine, your marketing efforts will not succeed.

2 – Trade Publications

Trade publications are also specifically valuable to advertise a new product.  These publications are more focused than a traditional magazine.  They allow you to better target your marketing efforts.  For example, if you are releasing a new gadget, a technology-focused publication will help you to reach those who are most likely to be interested in your new product.

3 – Websites

The Internet is also a helpful tool for advertising and marketing efforts.  When you are launching a new product, you can use the Internet to create a buzz and increase awareness.  In particular, consider using ads and promotions on the following sites:

•       Your company website
•       Landing pages
•       Social media websites

You can also utilize pay-per-click marketing services that will lead customers to your website and build awareness about the launch of your new product.

4 – Email

Furthermore, take advantage of email marketing solutions that will allow you to reach a large number of people quickly and effectively.  You can send regular email blasts to the individuals on your mailing list.  Make each email unique.  Use one to announce the new product and another to offer a sneak peak.  Also, you might want to include additional promotions and coupons to increase interest and boost sales when the product does arrive.

5 – Direct Mail

Although email is many people’s main form of communications, direct mail is still an effective way to advertise.  You can send about mailers about the upcoming launch to create excitement.  You can also send out detailed information to targeted customers.  Since direct mail can be costly in terms of printing and postage, make sure you are smart about whom you send it to.  It is not recommended to reach new customers.  Instead, it is better to attract current customers.

6 – Brochures And Pamphlets

Brochures and pamphlets are also another great advertising tool.  This is helpful if you have a lot of product descriptions and specifications.  For example, if a car company is releasing a new vehicle, customers will most likely want to know all of the specifications and details relating to the cost.  These details are too lengthy for an ad.  However, they are helpful on a brochure.  These pamphlets can be distributed to prospective customers in stores, at events, or online.

7 – Tradeshows

Most of the marketing and advertising efforts companies make are printed efforts that have been described above.  However, there is also value to in personal marketing strategies.  Tradeshows, for example, are a great way to personally promote a new product.  They allow companies to educate about the product and point out its features and benefits.  This hands-on experience can be more valuable than print options that are often glanced over.

8 – Seminars

Another great in-person marketing opportunity is seminars.  Although not all product launches need official seminars, some will benefit from one.  During a seminar, the company can explain the features, benefits, and use of a product.  This seminar is a great way to train salespeople and help them to more effective in their endeavors.

9 – Stores

Finally, when the product arrives in stores, in store promotion is also important.  Otherwise, customers do not realize that something has changed.  There are a variety of ways to market in a store.  For example, signs and balloons can create added attention.  Also, many stores plan special events for a new launch.

Take advantage of one of these 9 areas to properly advertise the launch of your new product.  When you do, you will be able to attract attention and meet your sales goals.

Lauren Hill is passionate about small businesses.  Writing for Monster Displays gives her the chance to share hare knowledge with businesses all over the world.

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