grow a note
A paper company in San Diego has decided to do more than just save trees. Instead of just making paper out of recycled paper, they make paper out of hemp and post-consumer waste.

My first reaction was to have qualms about the practicality of growing hemp in large amounts. Southern California has some of the largest natural plant variety in the country. The last thing we want to do is over plant a single species that several states in the US list as invasive.

But, the beauty of this paper product is that the majority of it is made from post consumer waste, 75% in fact. Things like garlic skins, coffee chaff, and denim. Not to mention their Grow A Note line made of 100% and 100% Junk Mail line made of, duh, junk mail.

So as the site says, you can both be environmentally responsible and have style.

Check it out!

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