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A Tale of Two Soups: Campbell’s v. Progresso

Allow me to set the scene. The year is 2008.? The month, September.? The nation is on the precipice of Fall and only a few short months from — dun Dun DUNnNn — Winter.? Yes, Winter.? Or, as I’m sure all of you know it, Soup Season.? What better to drive away the bitter cold than a steaming bowl of your favorite apocalypse-ready canned soup?? There is no better way.? Campbell’s and Progresso know this.? And amidst the forthcoming chill, the tale of two soups has become quite heated.


POW! Campbell’s struck first.? Wanting to position themselves as the healthy, natural option in the canned soup vertical, Campbell’s released a series of television and print ads (seen above) chastising Progresso for including MSG in their soups.? Campbell’s, of course, uses all natural ingredients and TLC (tender love and care).? Damn! No they didn’t!


BLAM! Progresso counters.? In a full page ad in The New York Times, in large, block letters, Progresso asserts, “Campbell’s has 95 soups made with MSG.”? Oh, SNAP! That. Just. Happened! So much for tender love and care, Campbell’s.? Even more so, Progresso announced along with the ad that they have removed MSG from 26 of its soups.? Quite the left hook.


But Campbell’s is resilient.? And it’s going to take more than body shots.? So… KABLOOM! Again, in a full page ad in The New York Times, in large, block letters, Campbell’s strikes back: “Campbell’s proudly offers 124 soups with NO MSG.”? Wassup, Progresso? Get your facts straight, fools! Looks like the haymaker has landed.? And in Campbell’s’ corner, wiping the collective brand’s brow, is the one and only Stephen Colbert.? On last night’s episode (November 17th 2008) of “The Colbert Report” Stephen covered the Soup Wars and was even presented his own Campbell’s Soup, known now as Easy Street.? Seems that without the negative political attack ads that had been consistent on all of our televisions we’re continuing to seek out this negativity.? It just so happens that now, it involves soup.

Have your say!? Are these ads resonating?? Are they too negative?? Do you all even eat soup?! Or, just enjoy Mr. Colbert below!

Mmm, So good!
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