A Tradition of Activism

As jungle[8] moves through space-time into the last 18 months of the first decade of the new millennium, it’s time to reminisce about a decade of political activism in the jungle. Most notably, jungle[8] went offline 4 separate times to commemorate political activism and/or participate in actual protests. In 2003, jungle[8] went on a field trip of sorts to attend the civil disobedience protest at Raytheon Corp’s headquarters in El Segundo, CA. Predating the war in Iraq, the event protested Raytheon’s development of WMD technology for the US military. A human chain was formed with the aim of stopping Raytheon workers from entering the facility. Although several protesters were arrested, the jungle kept a clean rap sheet. Later on, on November 2nd, 2005, jungle[8] once again closed shop to participate in the first “World Can’t Wait” gathering in downtown LA—a large scale nationwide work/school walkout in protest of the Bush regime. The tradition continued in 2006 when jungle[8] embarked on another field trip to participate in the Mayday immigrant rights march in downtown Los Angeles. Luckily, jungle[8] natives were spared injuries from police brutality, but, regrettably, many were not. More recently, operations ceased in observance of the 5th year anniversary of the US-led war in Iraq. In a perfect world, jungle[8] would stay open every day and have no reason to close. Never apathetic, jungle[8] will take field trips whenever necessary.

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