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A whole new world of food shopping

On this writer’s way to work on Thursday mornings, I have the pleasure of passing by Pasadena’s new Whole Foods Market. Along Arroyo Parkway, the Whole Foods Market in Pasadena is a glorious two-story supermarket, complete with it’s own underground parking. There are very few supermarkets that can make you feel good about food shopping, but Whole Foods manages to do it. This writer was particularly impressed on her first visit back in November by the escalator system for shopping carts: so much so that she insists everyone visit if only to see the escalator.

As I hopped on the escalator, I couldn’t help but notice the resolution ad banners. With resolutions like rediscover a better world and reembrace the family table, Whole Foods is supporting shoppers to do good for their soul and the environment.byob_long1.jpg

Once on the second floor, I enjoyed an Allegro Celebration coffee, brewed at the café. With hints of tangerine, it was a delightful treat to sip on as I contemplated Whole Foods Market’s decision to stop disposable bag use by Earth Day 2008. In fact, Whole Foods will refund you 5 cents per bag you don’t use of their’s.

So between the excellent coffee and the resolution campaign, this writer could not help but be suckered into the “big organic” world. Because as I browsed the aisles of natural, organic and even some local food products, I couldn’t help but feel that Whole Foods is at least helping to inspire people to feel good about buying products that are better for our environment.

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