am-BUSH-ed America

bush idiotA long time ago, when the world was parted between the colonies (countries that were economically, politically, culturally dominated) and the colonizers, mainly European powers that subjected those countries to their yolk, where this same partition defined and delimited the world map, America, to the eyes of the participants of the Bandoeng conference, represented the way to freedom and democracy, as its statue of Liberty welcomed the oppressed and the dregs of the European society.

At that time, her every move on the world chessboard was subordinated and motivated by the principle of sovereignty.

Nowadays her hegemonic presence and position at the UNO executive chair gives her highness absolute powers. What she forgot is that monarchy is dead!

Nowadays, as in the seventies, eighties, nineties, she intrigues, finances instabilities and sets up “coups”. The last one on her schedule was the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein dictated by Iraq second worldwide oil potential. The turmoil occurred in front of the international community as a witness, implying that whatever happens now, there’s no way out for redemption!

Who will guarantee the counter-power on the balance of the forces? Who will counteract her juvenile outbursts?

In his speech at the National Religious Broadcasters, Bush reiterates and reassures his worshipers that his line of conduct won’t change in matter of foreign policy. We can dread the worst.

He should take example and adopt a sentence he himself wisely quoted “no one is fit to be a master, and no one deserves to be a slave”.

Once America acted on the international scene in the name of freedom, now she brandishes her flag in the name of economical interests.

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