Artists At War
A New Web-Based Project Launches that Probes Creative Discontent — we thought this was worth mentioning.

According to their site, “Artists At War asks artists to respond to the larger world and to reflect on their personal relationships to the war, its symptoms and causes. Knowing our hands do not reach the levers of global power, Artists At War provides shelter and exposure for work that defies a market that tends to be anesthetized and distracted during these tumultuous times. Among current cultural output, we trace spontaneous reflexes of a society at war, locating work that, beyond being “Anti-War,” embodies our human predicament.”

This web-based project is a collaborative effort between Angelenos Steven L. Anderson and Thomas McKenzie, inspired by the work of the artists whose projects appear on this site. New projects will be posted on roughly a monthly basis. Their first project is work by Los Angeles artist Charles Irvin, with four pieces that explore the nature of the political press conference.

Additionally, they plan to launch a blog feature that publishes original and found content that we think is important for artists and anyone else who is enduring the war. GREAT!!!! We are so into another resource of rich creativity. Bravo!

To provide feedback, artwork, or writing to Artists At War, please e-mail them at

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