autopsy of a crime

Police and its scientific investigators usually agree that most crimes are either motivated by passion, power or money. An autopsy of a crime revealed that once again, the latter explanation triumphed.

Her closest friends in the international scene always celebrated her strong will for independence, her steady micro and macro-economical anchorage. Did it make others envious?

Last? December 30, 2006, her sweetest partners in an impossible “menage a trois” hung her in a parody of justice, an expeditious trial that duped no one. Isn’t the prerogative and obligation of the International Courts known as the Hague, to seek punishment for those committing crimes against humanity? I guess, it sounds reminiscence of the “old good days” of when idealism and values were the guiding influence. (remind me when that was, again)

Her name was Iraq.

Let’s examine this lady, shall we? Just what are the facts? And just what is the crime?

As we know, geo-politically Iraq is located in a region called the Middle-East, where everything from the culture, religion, economy is primarily based on natural resources and differs tremendously to the culture, lifestyles and values of the western world. To the? eyes of the? Occidentals that we are, since the crusades, the Middle-East is synonymous of enmity. Since the crusades, the nations of Europe raised armies under the disingenuous banner to fight the non-believers, but as you reach for knowledge, the curtain of the truth falls and the sordid reality appears, wealth was their sole faith. Jerusalem, geopolitically was always considered as a strategic point, the gate to the Middle-East.

So, while Europe was plunged in obscurantism, the Middle-East was at its renaissance. It was the source and the base of science, philosophy, literature…When the Moors entered Spain they established the best universities for medicine…They were eating sherbet made with rose petals while the primates and the primitive Europeans did not even take a bath a year! ?

Frederik de Hohenstauffen as well as Alexander the Great conquered lands? and embraced fully their culture, once discovered!? (I hold them in? honor!) The fear of Islam was not the driving force, rather the gems of the Middle-Ages are found in the wealth contained in barrels of nowadays.

law and justice

So let’s go back to what does interest us!

Iraq as I always knew attracted the U.S and England for its oil capacity, with 115 billion of barrels per day, who would not fantasize or kill, whereas on the other side of the scale, the oil depletion prospect appears as the Grim Ripper. So, aren’t they the best motivations in the world to act?

Here is my theory.

First stage : create a reason to wage on war (here, Saddam Hussein seen as a tyrant who hid biologic weapons).

Second stage : eliminate the obstacles of the conquest (the media supported machine is used as a support to shoulder the governmental campaign, with a recurring motto “we are the good ones, they evil”).

Third stage : prepare the field. Pacify the land that they originally violated against any pockets of resistance through the omnipresence of any military corpse.

Fourth stage : “elect” a democratic puppet that would stabilize the situation and tranquilize the local population.

Fifth stage : take control of the natural resources.

This last stage of neocolonialism will happen by the 30th of June 2008. Exxon Mobil and Chevron (U.S), Shell (anglo-dutch), BP (English) and Total (French) will be the sole beneficiaries of privileged contracts (no competitive bidding to access those contracts) that will yield $ 500 million (what a plunder!) Is it a coincidence? A logical end to their efforts deployed?

oil companies

Who said that crimes don’t pay?



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    Extremely well-written! Props; you lead the way, my friend.

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