…not money, that is, rather “Green” or ecological friendly initiatives. I just read a blog entry from Drew Neisser, President and CEO of Renegade, a top notch design agency. His blog, Marketing for Good, talks about HSBC’s new green initiative. One of their greening efforts is turning online bill paying into a major green initiative. HSBC customers who pay three bills online get a “green kit” filled with coupons, energy saving light bulbs and more.

HSBC’s global agency of record JWT. JWT’s Trendspotting Group, has published a a “how to green” check list:

  1. Identify your target audience. Know whom you’re marketing and what green issues are most relevant to them.
  2. Be relevant. Choose a campaign that makes sense for your business.
  3. Practice what you preach.
  4. Educate and inspire. Help your target navigate by providing easy-to-follow information and tips.
  5. Be virtual. Save a tree and make collateral materials downloadable from your Web site.
  6. Make your campaign sustainable. Eco-friendly campaigns shouldn’t be one-offs; they should be ongoing.
  7. Create a green culture. Own your message and make it part of your corporate vision.
  8. Advertise.
  9. Be consistent. Take your campaign to the next level, and work with other companies with similar values.
  10. Encourage customer participation.

For more, the article, published in Promo Magazine called “Green Street” can be found here.

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