Branding Value Now Advertising Industry,Conscious Thoughts,Political Activism big brother is, more than ever, watching you…

big brother is, more than ever, watching you…

“We the people of the United States, in order to form perfect Union…insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense…and secure the blessings of Liberty…” will (be) implement(ed) the RFID Technology.

Already implanted universally in our societies, the chip is omnipresent in our daily lives. From Portugal to Honk-Kong, from Montreal to New Dehli, the discreet chip rules our world.

Acronym for Radio Frequency Identification, it is in fact an automatic identification method that uses radio waves. It is roughly composed with an integrated circuit (maze of stored and processed information) and an antenna that perceives and transmits the signal.

Formerly an espionage tool for the Soviet Union, it evolved (really?) as a tool to track inventories.

As much as I understand the necessity for companies to provide visibility to-end-to-end supply chain, to track either airline baggage, either inmates wristwatch-sized transmitters, I’m quite reserved on the reason why cameras are mushrooming in the streets of Washington DC, of London, in the Parisian subway or the embedment of chips in Slippery Rock students ID…

In Japan, in England children wear “chipped” uniforms. In Holland, the chip is part and parcel of night-clubbers’ bodies.

Doesn’t it announce softly and insidiously the face of our future societies? Didn’t the government already violate our right for freedom and privacy by introducing those chips?

When we borrow books from the library, what is the quota of books required to be stamped “dissident thinking”, “dissident” or “persona non grata”? While traveling the Nexus, the SENTRI programs ensure the host country of the GOOD citizenship of their future guest! A scrupulous detailed background check is run, from fingerprints, terrorist database to digital iris, nothing is spared! Our GOOD elements are listed now…

Doesn’t it announce what Orwell imagined, secretly feared, an ideal authoritarian society? A society regulated and controlled by almighty Big Brother? The attempt of our governments to increase surveillance in the name of our own security is the first symptom of dictatorship?

To avoid such extremism, every government should honor and make their motto those lines of the constitution “…the citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities…”

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