Bio or fossil?

As a previous blog reported, GM is supporting a new biotech company that is attempting to make ethanol from mostly agricultural waste, rather than taking from the nation’s corn crops. A smart move because new research, as reported in the New York Times, is showing that biofuels traditionally produced from corn might not be the energy source of the future. Researchers are assessing the effect of biofuel production holistically, and the results are in: mowing over forests to carve out land for agricultural crops is not so good for the environment. It seems that fossil fuels were a gift from our prehistoric past, and Mother Nature really feels that creating energy is something that should be taken slowly.

Although I know it’s impossible, a big part of me wishes that we could diversify the way we fuel our cars. I might use biofuels, but someone else might drive a hybrid, and someone else will drive a hydrogen fuel cell car. Do we all really have to use the same type of fuel just because it’s easier? Aren’t we learning that there is no best solution? And I think we just have to accept that as long as we are driving cars, we aren’t going to be doing good for the environment.


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