boreas is blowing…

As we refer to pharaonic constructions, barrages evoke the human supremacy over Nature in channeling million cubes of water, Abington as an example of human achievements will witness from 2009 to 2011 a drastic change of its natural landscape. The Scottish and Southern Energy decided symbiotically to tame Boreas (god of the north wind in the Greek mythology) with the build of a 152-turbine Clyde wind farm, second project in its genre, and of this ampleness ever realized in Scotland.

Born from their concern to raise awareness for sustainability, to produce clean available energies with natural elements, to reduce costs and energy dependency, England and Scotland invested in a grand scale energy efficient program to provide electricity. With the Clyde turbine 31% of the electricity demand (320,000 homes) will be met, by 2020 it will generate 50% of the energy. With a permission asked for a third turbine in Perthshire, Scotland will be the country for green energy.

Not in everybody’s taste the wind turbines don’t only generate enthusiasm, voices in the Perth shout already their anger for disfiguring their environmental heritage. Maybe with little help from Boreas (blowing), those voices will be heard in 10 Downing Street.


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