Brain Freeze!!!!!

The effect occurs when something very cold, such as ice cream, touches the top palate in the mouth. The blood vessels constrict due to the cold. This makes the nerves send a signal to the brain to open blood vessels. But this rapid opening of the blood vessels makes fluid back up in the tissues that won’t drain for thirty seconds to a minute. This causes a slight swelling in the forehead that causes pain.

As for that descriptive definition, we are impressed with the ad campaign created for 7Eleven by BBDO Guerrero in Manila. They capture so vividly the act of “Brain Freeze!”

Advertiser: Pepsi Cola/ 7Eleven

Brand: Slurpee
Agency: BBDO Guerrero, Manila
Chief Creative Officer: David Guerrero
Executive Creative Director: Joel Limchoc, Simon Welsh
Copywriter: Rey Tiempo
Art Director: Gary Amante
Producer: Al Salvador
Country: Philippines
Retoucher: Manny Vailoces/ Joy Panaguiton

Accounts: Chookie Cruz

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