The most beautiful of logos or brands is nothing unless “People” move the brand. It is like a book on a shelf that may contain lots of information but remains idle. It is useless. It will amount to nothing.


Your brand must move. It should be given life by all those with an interest in it: from the top executives down to the mailroom clerk or janitor. The key is to treat your brand as a living thing. It has to consume, grow, and interact.

Your brand is a living thing primarily because people are behind it. It cannot remain static. The more people that are involved, the more movement is expected.

Your brand is a living thing because in the business world if you cannot pay for publicity you must earn it. It is imperative that you gain attention not only from the corporate world but also from the people who will buy your product or pay for the service that you render. So, if you cannot afford to waste money on advertisements, you must make your presence felt in some other way.

Your brand is a living thing because it exists in a world that makes you realize your other options to make your presence known. You can do that by having a corporate or social responsibility. You get to help people in need and at the same time get the needed publicity for your brand.

Your brand is a living thing because you have to keep up with the modern trends or else people will no longer patronize your products or services as being “passe.”

Your brand is a living and breathing thing;hence you must constantly nurture and manage it well. Only by treating one’s business as a living thing can one truly ensure its growth and progress.

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