The knives have been brandished since March 19 between Shel Israel ( PR and strategy consultant) and Loren Feldman (video blogger? analyst?). The latter is attacking the former for his lack of professionalism as an expert in communication, as he decided to embrace another career, video interviews of startups CEOs, analysts for FastCompanyTV.

With the little I saw about Israel’s achievement in that matter I understand why Feldman crucified him religiously. I hardly believe several CEOs gave him such power to represent their brand and therefore their identity. So why did his customers allow themselves to be branded with such shoddy work?

In his eagerness to expand his business activities or his finance department, Israel forgot that quality means reliability and brand association. Now he has learned a valuable lesson—his own lesson.

After enduring such bad publicity built by Feldman, and being portrayed and mercilessly parodied as a muppet, how can Israel reconstruct his image? I guess it will be the next topic for a promising book! In the meantime, Israel’s next strike will be in the judicial field…

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