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November 4th 2008, after what has been a seemingly endless political struggle of over two years, is fast approaching.? We’ve little over five days – yes, five days – until what may very well be one of the most important, far-reaching elections of the majority of our lives.? So, with only five days left, everything that’s been said has been said, everything that’s going to be heard has been heard, but what happens now?? More so, what happens to Barack Obama after November 4th, whether he becomes United States President Elect or not?

Barack Obama has changed the entire scope of not only how an election is run, but who is running the election.? Barack Obama is contemporarily one of, if not the most recognizable brand worldwide and has one of the most fervent followings domestically.? Andrew Rasiej, founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, “[The Obama Campaign] made sure the message machine was providing the message where people were already assembled. They’ve turned themselves into a media organization.”? And Brand: Obama, as a media giant and community, is extensive and pervasive.? So, what of the community if, say, Obama is elected President?? Can the President have such a community of followers?? Will he? Will his face continue to be emblazened on t-shirts, hats, sweaters, sneakers, dish towels, contact lenses?? In a word: no.

The Commander and Chief is, by necessity, a secretive and walled-off position.? And after an election, especially an election of such length and venom, all parties concerned are bound to have a much-required drop-off.? But Brand: Obama is most likely going to see its demise come November 4th IF Obama is the victor.? However, much like Al Gore in 2000, with a loss (please! don’t let it be a loss) Brand: Obama could be leveraged to an even greater extent in the interest of worldwide change.? Sadly, such a large community, in my opinion, can only see growth if the reason for the community in the first place fails.? Bizarre.

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