Brave not-so-new gas emissions

The EPA has ruled that 17 states, including our beloved California, cannot set stricter standards for carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles.

The president of the EPA, Stephen L. Johnson, said that California didn’t make a compelling case why states should be able to set their own standards. The auto industry, of course agrees. David McCurdy, the president of the Alliance of Auto Manufacturers, stated that a “patchwork quilt of inconsistent and competing fuel economy programs at the state level would only have created confusion, inefficiency, and uncertainty for automakers and consumers”. Spoken like a true supporter of Aldous Huxley’s Fordism. Because we want to be an efficient nation at the cost of the health of our planet.

To be fair to the automakers, reducing emission means improving fuel economy. Which would mean that for California and the other 17 states, automakers would have to create a separate line of cars with better fuel economy. But I thought Fordism was all about progress, and California has been a leader in innovation in terms of pushing new solutions for pollution control. Hmm…I guess the automakers aren’t into that type of progress.

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