Got Business card, Bud?

One dictionary defines the term “bud” as: “1. an outgrowth on a stem or branch consisting of a shortened stem and immature leaves or flowers, often enclosed by protective scales.” Who would have thought that description would be relevant in describing the characteristics of a business card or a two-dimensional marketing campaign? Two Green designers thought so.

In the first case, designer Jung von Matt of Hamburg, Germany designed a direct marketing campaign for Tur & Partner, a Swiss landscape architect company. As you can see from these images, the cards start out as a landscape schematic with areas indicated for trees. Add water, and voila! First tree buds, then I suspect, trees. (all to scale of course)

business cards that grow

business cards that grow

The images above were posted on An Architecture Blog.

London based designer, Jamie Wieck is sprouting with enthusiasm. In other words, watch his business cards grow. According to the pictorial direction, it’s simple. Just add water and watch it grow. Bravo to both of you! I’m very impressed.

business cards that grow

business cards that grow


Pretty amazing indeed!


blog entry: Human Systems Design (HSD) A green business card?

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