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As Super Tuesday inches towards us, the electoral process is speed up revealing the candidate winners for each party. As candidates win delegates over the popular votes and vice-versa, it is to us, the citizen America to question the un-democratic electoral-college-battle royal. Each candidate vies for eyeballs, support and ultimate endorsements causing the unfortunate losers to exit the presidential political scene… tightening up the playing field.

Riding the slope of economical recession, nepotism endures and America is left without a real choice. Considering the history of segregation and inbred masochism, which taboo will America feel most comfortable with, or the real question, is it really so simple? The choices are historic however, an African American or a woman leader shall indeed be the next president of the United States. Critics wonder, do these choices effect the democrats chance for election or is the candidates themselves or the issues at stake? It will be impossible to determine who voted on what factors, however it must be questioned. Does this effect the chances of a democrat candidate to being elected? (I realize these are not politically correct questions, but as I was born in France, it causes this author to wonder)

As I examine America, I realize time has come for a change! Taking it a step further, it may even be time to question the process of the electorate.

This got me thinking and the research I did for this posting revealed this about the American demographic:
In 2007, the population was estimated at 301 million people. The male population was 148 million and the female was 152 million. The female gender is omnipotent. With that data in mind, what is the percentage of Anglo-Saxon inheritage? White American? Exactly 221.3 million that is to say 73.9% . The white race numerically has the supremacy. Among the total population, what is the percentage of Christian? 78,5% precisely. Christian progressive? Conservative? What is the percentage of white Christian? Men? Women? In the probability of those white Christian women to vote, what percentage vote like their husband? What percentage of white, Christian progressive married women vote differently from their husband? What percentage of white, Christian single female will vote for a man or a black male to represent her ideas? What is the percentage of white atheist men or women? Will she vote for a woman or for a man? For a white or a black? What is the percentage of white “atheist” liberal married couples? Will she vote like him or have her own voice? Will she privilege her feminist or mother side and vote for a woman? Will he be open-minded enough to vote for a black? For a woman? What will happen in a bi-racial couple? Will the decisive factor be the race or the gender?

Among others variables, the level of education, the salary, the status in the economy, in the geography (citizen or countrymen, north or south) are to be accounted too in this attempt of x-raying the electorate. When educated will you tend to liberalism or conservatism? Cities, melting-pot of races and cultures will be inclined to vote radical or liberal? Will farmers envision a black or a woman vote?

The second highest representative race in America is the African American. With 37.1 million they are the biggest minority (12.4%). What percentage of African American men or women will vote for a white woman? As for the Asian which represent 13.1million (4.4%) what will be their intentions of vote in this case?

If the principle of “one person, one vote” was applied, in an ideal situation of 100% voters with no abstention Hillary would be the favorite then Obama or Nader. But because of the electoral college system, let’s hope that in 2008 the ballots will be clear and the Supreme Court won’t intervene.

All I can say is I can’t wait to see how it turns out……… but one thing for sure, I’m routing for the Democrats.

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