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Making Events Work For You

There are lots of ways to market your business. You know this. You know how to market yourself well on Facebook (and all of the other social media portals). You know that your website is perfect. You’re confident in your content marketing skills. You might even be really great at cold calling and your most […]

Creating Advocates for Your Brand

Any entrepreneur will agree that advertising is one of the most important keys to success in business. Some of the most successful and well known businesses were built with little or no advertising at all., Trader Joe’s, Google and Red Bull are all examples of companies that are successful through word-of-mouth marketing.  But how […]

Defining Your Brand Message

In business, defining your brand message serves more like a journey of discovering ones business. For a brand to be successful it needs a voice and it’s through a brand message that business prospects and customers find the value of a firm (in its usefulness) and it values (in what it strongly considers). A Core […]

Copyrights, Creative Commons and Legal Considerations when Marketing a Small Business

How would you feel if someone stole your hard work and claimed it as their own? What would you do? Just how far would you go to protect your livelihood? As a small business owner, these are questions you should ask yourself whenever you put together materials to market your business. If you’re not careful, […]

Tips for branding a small business

Whereas many small business owners think that branding is a reserve of the big business and companies, little do they know that branding can really grow their business. In most countries almost 80 to 90% of the business are the small business. It means therefore that there is a high competition and it is probably […]

Service, trust and after sales care: the initial building blocks of a brand

There is a lot of great advice available with regards to how to go about building a successful brand. The key thing to remember is that building a brand cannot be seen as simply a task to be carried out in isolation. A brand is more than simply a projected image of a set of […]

Company Evolution Traced Through Branding

Sticking with something is part of success. A successful brand is only partially defined by its logo, top notch product and effective sales strategies. Much more of a brand strategy is focused on the evolution of the entire package. Not everyone thought Apple, Google, Starbucks or even McDonald’s would become the massive corporations they are […]

Five ways to get more exposure for your brand

What makes certain brands more successful than others? How did McDonalds become the…well…McDonalds of the fast food industry? There’s no one answer to a question so multi-faceted, but there are certain ways to help one climb the ladder of success. These tips (that require some serious legwork) are sure to help increase the overall exposure […]

Online Shopping-Will It Take Over the World?

Amazon, Bigger Than You Think You know the name, Amazon, but do you know much about the man behind it? For Jeff Bezos, books were only the mere beginning in 1995 when he created Amazon, now a household name. Books were a good start according to Bezos, because people would not need to try them […]

How Guest Blog Postings Can Grow Your Online Branding

Since after the new Google updates, many SEO’s have incorporated Guest Blogging as their key SEO and Branding strategy. in short people have started taking Guest Blogging as serious policy. First of all let’s define our term. “Guest Postings” means writing or publishing article on someone else’s blog or website. We do offer on our […]