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The Anti-Brand!

Refreshing approach to the Anti-Branding. Similar in concept to The Billboard Liberation Front. 🙂 ? Thank you Issmat for the original post

Social Judgement Theory

Food for thought: Want to know how to be effectively persuasive? I’ll let you in on a few tips. The premise here is the way we perceptually judge our own attitudes and compare them to attitudes of others. Think of any subject that is controversial, and take note of where you stand on this issue. […]

“Who Bombed What?”

Branding one’s organization is a process that has seemingly infiltrated every market, from the lowly “Twinkie” to the latest “Wide Bodied Pickup Truck.” This notion of branding has become so popularized that it’s infiltrated the general public in places where you’d least expect it. The following link will give you some insight and analysis into […]

McVillain or McHero?

McDonalds, the international fast food chain vilified in documentaries likes Super-Size Me and books like Fast Food Nation, is launching a re-branding campaign to shift its tattered image as an international culture killer and artery clogger, to a more corporate Robin Hood. The question remains: “Can the villain turn hero?” Is their change a genuine […]

Backward Branding

It’s not a dream, and no, you have not entered cartoon-land. In fact, cartoon-land has entered reality. So don’t be startled if you see that what was once a 7-11 has become a Kwik-E-Mart straight out of “The Simpson’s.” The conversion is part of a “life/brand experience and a reverse product placement” orchestrated by 7-Eleven […]

Random Branded Thoughts

I live, breathe, sleep and eat the branding process. I am aways thinking about the process, our industry, conscious and sustainable business practices, and everything in-between. Last night I was flipping through the many lined note books, one of which I always have with to be able to jot down my thoughts. Below are some […]

New brand’s 15 minutes = 400,000 pounds?!

Why is the release of the new Olympic Logo is causing such a fuss?! (really wishing I had an interrobang (?!) on my keyboard now) Algebra it is not. Reality it is. Public criticism from the left right and center all seem to agree, the new London Olympic Logo design is a complete failure, but […]

The Brand Gap

I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon this slide show, the summation of Marty Neumeier’s book of the same title, The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design. I loved this book! I am someone who has studied and read many of the academic books on “the art of […]

India’s Airlines say “Naaaaaaa Na Na N’ Nah”

After seeing this posting on entitled “Advertising One Man ship” on an blog from India called My Weird Wired Word, I knew I had to repost this. It reminds me of a child’s teasing or that annoying game of “last word”. I wish I’d be curious know how the public reacted to this public banering […]

Class, Please Open Your Books to Chapter Eleven. . .

I’d like to offer my congratulations to the folks over at Delta Airlines, as they have just overcome a bout of the ‘Chapter Elevens’. That’s a nasty ailment for anybody, but especially when you’re seventy-eight years old, the largest U.S. transatlantic carrier and operate the biggest and busiest hub in the world. Kudos Delta, way […]