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Personal branding keys to success

Personal Branding Keys To Success

Let’s face it.  If you want to land high paying clients you have to present yourself as a professional.  Doing this effectively is what personal branding is all about. Have you ever bought a product and wondered “why did I buy this product instead of that product”? If your answer included the words “I always […]

Confidence – Step One To Effective Personal Branding

Do you know what key element exists in every successful internet marketing campaign?  Is it SEO, millions of back links, article marketing, or a smart PPC campaign?  No, it’s effective personal branding. Sadly this is one technique newbie internet marketers avoid like the plague.   Why is that?   They may think the vast size of the […]

Top 6 Personal Branding Tips for the Serial Entrepreneur

Personal Branding Branding is one of the most important tactics for entrepreneurs who wish to gain a large market share. The better the brand the greater the number of customers it will attract. Entrepreneurs must therefore be very vigilant on their brands to enable them stay on top of the race. Below are some of […]

Reviving the Wallenda Brand

It’s tough enough establishing a brand once, but what about resurrecting a brand that had once been synonymous with the term “dare devil”? For Nik Wallenda, it was a walk on the beach, or really 100 feet above it on a sunny August day in Atlantic City. It’s no secret that AC has been going […]

It’s an Arguably Tougher Situation When You ARE the Brand

Are You With Me, Dr. Drew? The Penn State brand has taken a major hit in the Jerry Sandusky scandal that sent the former coach to prison and has effectively ended the careers of the three administrators who along with Coach Joe Paterno, covered up the scandal for 14 years. But it could have turned […]

5 Personal Branding Tips from the Trenches

When it comes to building a personal professional brand, usually the first question out of everyone’s mouth is “Where do I start?” Guest Post by Danielle Hatfield The first place I would start is understanding that a personal brand is YOU. Not your company blog, not a brand you created or hope to build… but YOU. […]

Extreme brand makeover -When people saying bad things about your brand.

Brand Management Every customer has his own opinion of a company’s products and services. Such customer perception is the brand reputation, what customers think about the product or service. There are cases in which the customers say unpleasant things about a brand, and this does not go well with the business. The bad brand reputation […]


Branding yourself using web-based tools can be difficult and one needs to have the right strategy to succeed. The following plan if followed exactly will see you smiling all the way to the bank. Personal Branding Made Easy in six simple steps: 1. Identify the target market Who are you targeting in branding yourself, these […]

Differences Between Branding a Person & A Business

Personal Brand or A Business? Very many entrepreneurs and business people always get confused about the difference between branding a business and branding a person but one must know that branding is a way of clearly showing what makes you as a person, your goods and services far different and more attractive to customers than […]

Top 3 Tips on How to Use WOM Marketing for my Personal Brand

What is common to Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Martin Sorrell and Jack Sorrell apart from their exceptional entrepreneurial capabilities? They all had an excellent Word-of-mouth (WOM) personal branding mechanism in place. Here are top three tips on how to use WOM Marketing for my personal brand. Involve Your Customers Social media is the best way […]