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Copyrights, Creative Commons and Legal Considerations when Marketing a Small Business

How would you feel if someone stole your hard work and claimed it as their own? What would you do? Just how far would you go to protect your livelihood? As a small business owner, these are questions you should ask yourself whenever you put together materials to market your business. If you’re not careful, […]

Benefits of Using an Attractive Newsletter Design for Marketing

One of the major contributors for the success of the marketing campaigns is the newsletters sent to the target audience. The major benefit of sending newsletters is that within a friction of a second, these newsletters can carry all the information that you want to communicate to your customers from all over the world. The […]

Tablets and social media – why is one made for the other?

There are two main things that have increased exponentially over the last few years: the availability of technology devices and the use of social media. It is hard to find someone these days who does not have an account on Facebook or Twitter or doesn’t own some kind of mobile technology device, such as a […]

How to improve your business’s products

How to improve your business’s products Most businesses will eventually reach a point where it becomes clear that some sort of change is needed, whether that involves expanding into a new market segment, scaling down your operations or restructuring the managerial hierarchy. However, one of the most common ways of instigating change involves improving the […]

5 Steps to Build a Brand on Social Media

Promoting your business on social media is a great way to get the word out, but are you maximizing your profit potential by building a brand?  Creating a brand is a powerful way to generate more leads since it allows you to instill a broader awareness of your company and product in the public mind. […]

Brand Expansion – Always A Good Thing?

Once any product oriented company is successful they start exploring strategies for further growth. The next logical step many companies take is to create additional products. Marketing experts call this expanding the brand. Even though this is a common growth plan it does have some risks that should be considered. The main concern is that […]

Five things you didn’t know about cloud computing

Cloud computing is the latest and greatest way for small businesses to store and host data and applications. With so many companies making the switch to the cloud, it’s probably time your business considered changing as well – you’ll reap plenty of rewards from the cloud’s security, convenience, and usability. If you’re considering the switch […]

2012 Study Reports Small Business Slow To Embrace Modern Marketing Strategies

Small business marketing practices are usually heavy on traditional methods.  This is often due to the business being family owned or that it’s been around a long time and has built up personal relationships with its local customers.  A recent study supports this theory showing that the majority of small businesses surveyed choose traditional marketing […]

Five Ways To Get Your Audience To Pop The Question!

  Social media networking provides business powerful tools to discover what makes their customers tick.  Become truly engaged with your audience and they’ll tell you how they want to do business, what they really need from you, what they can spend money on and much, much more.  So how can a business become more desirable, […]

Cause Related Marketing

Cause Marketing, a commonly used strategy, has proven effective in both deepening brand value and gaining exposure for worthy causes. The general idea of cause [related] marketing involves the cooperative efforts of a “for profit” business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit. Simple formula? Sure! Far reaching results. You bet…. But “for whom and […]