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Cause Related Marketing

Cause Marketing, a commonly used strategy, has proven effective in both deepening brand value and gaining exposure for worthy causes. The general idea of cause [related] marketing involves the cooperative efforts of a “for profit” business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit. Simple formula? Sure! Far reaching results. You bet…. But “for whom and […]

“If we knew how connected we are, how would that change everything?”

This is the question posed by Digital Family Reunion (DFR). jungle [8] has taken on the task of bringing the molecular level into a unified visual field. It began with Creative Director Lainie Liberti giving the visual interpretation of what a tech holiday party would want to stir in the consciousness of its attendees. You […]

“New Priorities for the Post-Agency Market”

Here, at jungle [8], we speak from the perspective of the new business paradigm.? Where sustainability, conscientiousness, and honest tactics rise above all else.? And it’s nice to know that we’re not alone in our pursuit.? Fellow pioneers at Patrick Davis Partners created this typographic video to spread the word about what should be all […]

Brand: Obama

November 4th 2008, after what has been a seemingly endless political struggle of over two years, is fast approaching.? We’ve little over five days – yes, five days – until what may very well be one of the most important, far-reaching elections of the majority of our lives.? So, with only five days left, everything […]

Share the cause @

You’ve got these ideals in mind. The bottom line is you want to help. You would think that having decided to volunteer your time, energy, and devotion would have been the hardest part. Harder still, is where to begin. Helping the world is not a one-person job. How about a whole global community on your […]

brainwashed! it’s us versus them!

We, humans that is, haven’t changed a whole hell of a lot since becoming a socialized animal.? Although most of us consider ourselves to be living in a civilized civilization we’re still just a large amalgamation of different tribes.? Of course, these tribes aren’t our sole focus of sustainability and survival anymore.? They are, instead, […]

when going green loses to saving green

There’s no I in team unless that team happens to fail.? Then it’s all Is. Not sure if you’ve heard, but, well — we’ve got quite the tumult crashing through our economy at the moment.? It’s already ravaged Lehman Brothers, Bank of America has purchased Merrill Lynch, and AIG has been bailed out by (whom […]

bottled water is the world’s biggest scam

How much are you willing to pay for bottled water? How’s $480 for a case of Limited Edition Crimson Red sound? Much in the same way that celebs like Mary-Kate Olsen helped turn a Starbucks coffee cup into a must-have accessory, luxury bottled water has become something of a status symbol, with many individuals paying […]

Selling Climate Change

Corporate America and the nonprofit community are merging Together for the greater good – and what cause could be more worthy than combating climate change? Together is the most progressive effort yet by businesses to directly link their environmental campaigns to the products and services they put out. The site pairs ideas on how to […]

Drop the stick, dangle the carrot

Carrots: the new weapon of choice for eco-conscious consumers. What’s one to do in the fight against the Big Bad Corporation? According to Carrotmob, the answer is not in more boycotts, petitions, or even legislation, but rather to create incentives (“carrots” – get it?) for corporations to be more eco-friendly. And that’s by hitting ’em […]