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Toxonomy of 16 influence tactics

How are these tactics used in advertising? 1. Reward I’ll reward you if you do it. “I’ll throw in a pair of speakers if you buy it today.” “Thanks! I’ll make certain your manager knows how helpful you were.” 2. Punishment I’ll punish you if you don’t do it. “If you don’t buy it […]

Exploiting Animal Cruelty – Put Me in a Cage & Call Me Concerned

Manufacturing a “Look at Me, I’m so Concerned!” Response There’s no argument animal cruelty is not good. Please know this is being written from an animal lover and someone who has volunteered countless hours working with them. But this post is not about it me. It’s about the smiling folks at Lush Cosmetics in London. See them smiling here: Oh, did […]

Objectifying Global Warming for Fashion. Good for the cause?

I don’t think so. From a creative aspect, the new Diesel campaign entitled “Global Warming Ready” has created some heat spanning the fashion, advertising and activist worlds, and not all in sync. The campaign consists of a series of newspaper, magazine and billboard advertisements showing models posing in Diesel clothing in a world affected by […]

Shift Happens – What does it all mean?

Globalization in an Information Age A great video created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod, regarding globalization and the information age: glumbert – Shift Happens The video gives us a lot to think about. These are exponential times. Although the population is growing, American does not have the educational nor the technological dominance […]

The Neurological Make-Up of Giving

Our leader, Lainie, likes to forward us articles that she says, “freaking fascinate” her. These articles and web links run the gamut of YouTube videos, to what we all recieved today – a copy of a study led by the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, publishing in Oct., 2006, entitled, Human Front-Mesolimbic Networks […]

Sustain THIS

In this month’s Communication Arts, Carolyn McCarron Sienicki writes about the growing business trend of creating sustainablity, and how designers are facing the challenge. Most designers, notes Sienicki, think “sustainability” just means using environmentally-friendly products. But the meaning of the term goes far deeper. “Being environmentally responsible in our design decisions is only one part […]

Output Business Card

I was taken over to Staples the other day to be shown some of the services they provide, services ranging from business cards to letterheads to fliers, the sorta thing a design firm is typically hired to do. I flipped through the binder at the print counter reviewing the business card designs that you can […]

Video Game Pollution

Greenpeace on Video Games? PS3’s, Microsoft X-Box 360’s, and Nintendo Wii’s , although abused by some, are the source of harmless entertainment for millions of people worldwide. Greenpeace, however, argues otherwise. On their website, Greenpeace posted and article that exposes Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo for using harmful substances in the production of their popular game […]

On Copyrights

There he is – the young art student – in the corner, sporting a slouch, worn blue jeans and a faded ironic t-shirt, standing in front of the canvases he submitted for this month’s class show; large, blue, sci-fi landscapes, which, from a distance, are beautiful. They look like heavenly, undulating space-scapes of sky and […]

Alarmist buzz for the bees

As a societal phenomenon, the western/wealthy countries advocate their environmental consciousness and take pride from spending ecologically. In spite of their efforts to reduce their footprint, to recycle in order to sustain the biomass, they feel powerless in contemplating the slow degradation of Earth. After the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (“mad cow”) that […]