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Exploiting Animal Cruelty – Put Me in a Cage & Call Me Concerned

Manufacturing a “Look at Me, I’m so Concerned!” Response There’s no argument animal cruelty is not good. Please know this is being written from an animal lover and someone who has volunteered countless hours working with them. But this post is not about it me. It’s about the smiling folks at Lush Cosmetics in London. See them smiling here: Oh, did […]

Alarmist buzz for the bees

As a societal phenomenon, the western/wealthy countries advocate their environmental consciousness and take pride from spending ecologically. In spite of their efforts to reduce their footprint, to recycle in order to sustain the biomass, they feel powerless in contemplating the slow degradation of Earth. After the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (“mad cow”) that […]

What. The. #%@*.

If business hasn’t already ground to a halt due to this free-falling economic crisis, it surely is slowing rapidly in the waning weeks of 2008 and the imminent onslaught of the holiday season.? But just because none of us can afford to travel, buy gifts for our loved ones, or even ship the re-gifts we’ve […]

whole foods, the battle for supremacy!

In the natural foods industry, the merger of two giants Whole Foods and Wild Oats was announced October 2007. A juicy deal of $565 million was sealed. February 2009 the case will be on trial since a third party, the Federal Trade Commission stepped in the conglomeration to invalidate the illegitimate union. The plaintiff in […]

goodwin, the “on” demand green tech

With the recent increase of the gas at the pump, drivers look at biodiesel and hybrid cars as their next investment in matter of efficiency at the consumption. As the environment conscious people regard at the Prius as the car of the year, with Goodwin playing the Da Vinci or the killjoy of the automobile […]

water, water nothing but water…

Danced and sung by Gene Kelly, venerated by countries with a minimal hydrometry, covering 70% of the surface of the earth, water as the symbol of fertility, life is welcomed and praised everywhere but in …Venice. What comes to mind when we see present time pictures of Venice is who could have guessed that the […]

the water war

The anger started in Bolivia where the people felt stripped out of their “material inheritance and natural resources”, and will definitely soon? inflame the world. It’s official now Europe is preparing to a massive attack on individual tap water consumption. Great Britain launched the offensive in proposing to tax the tap water upon the volume […]

the awakening of China

To the example of Europe (the 30 glorious in France), of the USA (the post-war era), China is awakening after too many years of sleep. Foreseen in the early eighties by the economists, its ascension will be at a lightning speed. Well augured and considering the extraordinary events that are the global warming and the […]

a reevaluation of our values

Since the specter of the 1929 Great Depression shook the American economy with last October stock exchange crash, conscious consciences awakened with a new set of cards, of regulations to play. Real estate business, banking institutions, emblems of a former vivid and prosperous economy (General Motors’ shares reached the bar of less than $3 yesterday) […]

The U.S versus US!

When the Pentagon Papers affair splashed the government, the whole foundation of one of the pillar of the U.S. ideology, freedom, freedom of speech and information collapsed. In 1975, an employee of the Pentagon revealed to the American Public the historical facts of the Vietnam war. The document, the United-States-Vietnam relations, 1945-1967 : A Study […]