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10 Elements That Demands Higher Attention of Web Designer

So, you are a web designer and you just designed a great, dynamic, and vibrant website. But somehow, when it came to the web traffic, you seem to get a very small figure that saddens your heart. What went wrong? You ask yourself. But, you are unable to figure it out. In this article, I […]

How clever is too clever? Logo communication can say everything…

…or nothing When it comes time to move your business forward and give it that ultimate identity, a logo is a terrific way to give your potential clients a recognizable feature to associate to you. Sifting through the many ideas presented to you while making that decision, you must ask yourself: “Does my logo communicate […]

10 Logo Styles Trending Right Now

While some of the most recognizable companies in the world have been using famous logos for years, newer companies and those that are re-branding have to find ways for their logos to emerge from the crowd. Modern logos need to be new and unique while trying to ensure they work in the practical world. Because […]

5 Questions Your Logo Designer Should Have Asked You

When you first try to work with a logo designer, they need to evaluate your needs. They do this by interviewing you or asking you to fill up a questionnaire. But how can you tell if your logo designer has been thorough? They need to ask these 5 crucial questions: 1) What does the logo […]

French Ad Campaign – Love and Creepy Crawlies..

…All I can say is, “GOTTA LOVE THE FRENCH!” Personally I think this an awesome campaign, personally challenges my comfort levels. Thoughts?

Output Business Card

I was taken over to Staples the other day to be shown some of the services they provide, services ranging from business cards to letterheads to fliers, the sorta thing a design firm is typically hired to do. I flipped through the binder at the print counter reviewing the business card designs that you can […]

Phallic Logos or “Are you just happy to see me?”

You would think designers would see this before they delivered a final design to their client. Apparently not. There is even a web site dedicated to this shameful mistake, called Phallic logo awards. We’ve posted a few of their most exciting contenders below. For more, visit the site and see for yourself. look closely at […]

On Copyrights

There he is – the young art student – in the corner, sporting a slouch, worn blue jeans and a faded ironic t-shirt, standing in front of the canvases he submitted for this month’s class show; large, blue, sci-fi landscapes, which, from a distance, are beautiful. They look like heavenly, undulating space-scapes of sky and […]

“If we knew how connected we are, how would that change everything?”

This is the question posed by Digital Family Reunion (DFR). jungle [8] has taken on the task of bringing the molecular level into a unified visual field. It began with Creative Director Lainie Liberti giving the visual interpretation of what a tech holiday party would want to stir in the consciousness of its attendees. You […]

Well, color me [insert emotional trigger here]

It’s time to talk about color, or, for our audience across the pond, colour.? Color: the derivation of those primary pigments red, yellow, and blue and made visible due to the light receptors in our ocular apparatus discerning the reflection and refraction of the color spectrum’s various visible wavelengths.? But more simply — color is […]