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10 Elements That Demands Higher Attention of Web Designer

So, you are a web designer and you just designed a great, dynamic, and vibrant website. But somehow, when it came to the web traffic, you seem to get a very small figure that saddens your heart. What went wrong? You ask yourself. But, you are unable to figure it out. In this article, I […]

Small Business Branding In 6 Easy Steps

What can you expect from implementing an effective small business branding campaign? Your company will be seen as a credible, stable business and will be able to use this image to attract additional customers plus you’ll have an edge on the competition.  You may be wondering what is “branding”. Branding consists of a collection of […]


THE INTERROBANG Gotta tell you, it was pretty thrilling to discover a new punctuation mark. Ok, so I didn’t “discover” it, rather stumbled upon it. According to a short history of the interrobang, it was created in 1962 in order to fill a gap in our punctuation where writers often used typographically cumbersome and unattractive […]

Web 2.0 Logos – Trends?

Logo design for “Web 2.0” brands are following an traceable aesthetic trend. Colors are brighter, iconography is simplistic and typographical treatment tends to be cleaner. Overall, the trend borders on “child-like” elements from company naming through overall look and feel. Below, feast on this amazing collection of recent logos, collected by flkr member Stabilo Boss. […]