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Making Events Work For You

There are lots of ways to market your business. You know this. You know how to market yourself well on Facebook (and all of the other social media portals). You know that your website is perfect. You’re confident in your content marketing skills. You might even be really great at cold calling and your most […]

Tips for learning online: not just on Wikipedia

Looking to start a new career by acquiring knowledge online? Here are some suggestions for effective e-learning. Tips for learning online: not just on Wikipedia In the age of Web 2.0, tertiary education has expanded outside the classroom. There are an increasing number of students pursuing college degrees online. If you are one of them, […]

Five most common product design mistakes

Any lengthy process is likely to provide scope for numerous mistakes to be made. This is particularly true for product design, where complicated procedures and technologies leave ample room for error.   So, what are the top five product design mistakes – and how can you avoid them?   1. Rushing into the process   […]

Best value approaches to marketing your small business

When it comes to marketing your small business you don’t need to spend a fortune; there are some simplistic solutions that are completely free and just need a little common sense applying to them. The range is extensive, you may want to consider using an auto dialler to improve call efficiency and effectiveness or a […]

Top Tips for Closing a Business Deal Quickly

Knowing how to close a deal quickly is important for any business, but is especially crucial for small and medium-sized firms who particularly need the financial security that a signed contract can bring. Read on for some tips on how to get that coveted signature on the dotted line, pronto. Research the prospect This might […]

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Business Promotions

It is normal to  review your business performance at the end of the year, while making plans for the next year. This helps keep the business focused, while also reviewing mistakes made in the past, and how they can be avoided in the future. When making New Year’s resolutions for your business, you must remember […]

How to improve your business’s products

How to improve your business’s products Most businesses will eventually reach a point where it becomes clear that some sort of change is needed, whether that involves expanding into a new market segment, scaling down your operations or restructuring the managerial hierarchy. However, one of the most common ways of instigating change involves improving the […]

Tips for a Secure Website and Secure Content

Your website, along with the data and content stored on its web hosting servers, is more likely than not the crucial lynchpin of your entire online presence. Through your website, you can promote your business, present valuable information to your fans and customers, link to your social media presence and explain your services, products and […]

Things businesses should consider when launching new products

Planning the launch of a new product can be exciting, but there are a few things to bear in mind to make sure the release is a successful one – especially as research suggests the majority of new launches result in failure. Take a look at our top tips to check that you’re on track. […]

A Smiling Client Is A Return Client

It seems like it should be common knowledge that a happy, smiling client is a client that’ll return, but all too often, priorities get shuffled and a client leaves without a smile. This may just mean they’re neutral, without any strong feelings one way or another. If something has gone horribly awry and your client […]