Chocolate lovers will rejoice in the news that Hershey, the infamous sweet branded chocolate launches a new strategy to promote its new Bliss chocolate line.

The vast operation, 10,200 “House of bliss” spread nationwide hosted 129,000 curious palates that had the misfortune to sample its Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Meltaway…

Selected impartially, the attendees “…hosts…that best align with the brand’s goals”, House Party said, were showered with goodies, giveaways…making the event at least MEMORABLE!

I would be surprise to hear about a positive feedback among the samplers and the market shares conquered from this gigantic event!

If there’s a chocolate soul that is still searching for the bliss, the blessing, the stimulus that will trigger the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus by releasing euphoric endorphins, sample a square of softness, sweetness with brands such as Lindt, Milka, Poulain…

Yes………BLISS does exist!

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