Branding Value Now Brand Identity,Design Intelligence,Graphic Design,Logo Design How clever is too clever? Logo communication can say everything…

How clever is too clever? Logo communication can say everything…

…or nothing

When it comes time to move your business forward and give it that ultimate identity, a logo is a terrific way to give your potential clients a recognizable feature to associate to you. Sifting through the many ideas presented to you while making that decision, you must ask yourself: “Does my logo communicate my brand effectively?”

A good logo that can communicate your brand effectively should follow the traditional idea: keep it simple. Of course, you’re not expecting great things to come from just a simple colored shape and hoping the clients come in droves. The idea is to convey your core business, while not making it too messy or hard to decipher. The golden arches announce very clearly and easily that a McDonald’s is nearby. It’s a simple design, and over the course of years has become an international symbol associated with the restaurant.
So, how can that translate into other businesses? “I own a construction company, not a fast food chain,” you may say. “What can I do to communicate effectively through a logo?”
We go back to the idea of the simple colored shape. Take something familiar, something easily seen, and incorporate that into the colored shape. Take, for instance, a hammer and saw crossed inside a blue square. Something that simple and straightforward has much more appeal than, for example, that same hammer and saw caught in tiny scrollwork, surrounding even more intricate details. Your central message may not be seen, or even ignored by those whose business you seek, simply because it didn’t immediately grab their attention. This is particularly true when hoping to catch traffic on the street. They’re passing your vehicle or your building very quickly; it will pay off much more if those passersby notice it in those few seconds before they’re gone. Best to leave an impression by not getting too fancy.
So when asking the question “Does my logo communicate my brand effectively?” remember the key term: keep it simple.

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